NBA 2K22 Season 5 Rewards (Power Within)

NBA 2K22 Season 5 launches on February 25 and brings with it a bundle of new prizes that include rewards, animations, music, players, jerseys, and more. We can’t hold our excitement and we can’t wait to let you in on what this season brings with their new “Power Within” anime-style theme.

All the different rewards in MyCAREER up to Level 40 and unlockable prizes in the MyTeam mode and other new packs, cards, and ‘To Be Determined’ rewards, it seems that 2K Games and Visual Concepts are keeping good on their promise to deliver in Season 5.

MyCAREER Season 5 Rewards

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The rewards for MyCAREER have been announced and here they are:

100 Wins in Park – The RecUnannounced
100 Wins in Park – 3v3Unannounced
Level 30 RewardHoverboard
Reward – Level 40 (Current – Gen)Mascot of your choice (Beast, Knights, Vipers, Wildcats)
Reward – Level 40 (New – Gen)Mascot based on affiliation (Beast, Knights, Vipers, Wildcats)

It looks like the developers kept MyCAREER pretty much the same which is a little disappointing considering the last big update to it was back in Season 3 and since then players have felt it being stale after achieving the Level 40 rewards. Grinding up to it is fine in online modes but having different objectives to flex our skills with our unlocked players is something everyone appreciates in MyTEAM.

MyTEAM Season 5 Rewards

Rewards for MyTEAM for season 5 have arrived and they are as follows:

Reward: Level 1
Free agent Duke University star Paolo Banchero

Reward: Level 40
Dark Matter Ray Allen

Reward: Domination reward
Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap

Reward: Unlimited
Galaxy Opal Cincinnatus Powell

Reward: Limited Mode
Galaxy Opal DeMarcus Cousins

Reward: Exchange
Galaxy Opal Sidney Moncrief

Reward: Draft Ascension Board
Galaxy Opal Richard Hamilton

Reward: Crunch Time Wheel
Galaxy Opal Shawn Kemp
Hidden Rewards:

Ascension Board

Triple Threat total wins

Triple Threat Online

Crunch Time (10 wins)

Crunch Time (30 wins)

Crunch Time (50 wins)

Crunch Time (100 wins)

For Season 5 we are again seeing Dynamic Rating Cards that increase the player base by 400 cards which essentially makes climbing Collector Levels even easier. These can be found in the League and Premium Packs in the market.

A new Domination Tier was also integrated, which means the new Dynamic Players will be used to compete with sets for getting players from each team.

An amazing addition to the “No Money Spent” squads is the Dark Matter Ray Allen which is arguably one of the best players in the game, and now expanding more badges.

Another “No Money Spent” Dark Matter card will be unlocked by a new mural set near the end of the season. The only clue we have for the unlock is “High Flying” which doesn’t give us much. If you have any ideas, comment down below and let us know.

We can expect to see the completion of the NBA75 generation collection with fabulous new rewards on schedule.

There are also new Coaches being added to the game which you will be able to obtain via packs. The likes of great Hall of Famers that you can expect are:

  • Rick Adelman
  • Jerry Sloan
  • Larry Brown
  • Don Nelson
  • and more…

Other rewards such as Phil Jackson card as a coach and the first Galaxy Opal rated coach is also to be expected to be in MyTEAM which is none other than Gregg Popovich.

That’s all the rewards we’ve gotten to know so far, we’ll be sure to update you more as more comes out. But for now, if you liked this read please share, follow and comment below your thoughts!

Omar Malik
Omar Malik

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