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Serum on Studio’s newly released game Necromunda: Hired Gun is pulling in tons of new players due to its fast-paced, arcadey FPS combat. However, the game is suffering from a few issues, especially on Xbox, that is hindering its performance and even causing crashes on some occasions. Here’s a list of all the known issues Necromunda: Hired Gun currently has.

As you can expect, since the bugs have been identified, they will be rectified by the developers soon. In the meanwhile, having a compiled list of all the issues can help you identify what particular problems are faced by different users worldwide and an idea of what to expect if you purchase the game at its current state.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Known Issues

Here’s a list of all the issues currently faced by players of the game, as of updated on June 8, 2021:

Necromunda: Hired Gun Xbox Bugs

– Game performance may be pretty low on some missions, a patch is coming very soon to improve them noticeably.

– Changing the Audio language only works on the first campaign cinematic, the game audio will stay English afterwards.

– The drilling machine passage on mission 4 (Geisterstation) may be in very low graphical resolution.

– The Aim Sensitivity is too high by default, we advise reducing it to 50%.

– The zoom of scopes is not taken into account by the cursor sensitivity, rendering them not really usable in this state. It will be fixed soon.

PC Known Issues

– Decals in-game can flicker. This is an issue related to the most recent NVIDIA drivers. Streumon is working with NVIDIA and Unreal Engine engineers to fix this issue.

– The first cinematic is not FPS capped and may provoke a lot of stutters on high end computers.

General Problems

– A crash can happen at the start of mission 5. Reloading your save will avoid it afterwards.

– The secondary mission “The Hunt” on map 10 Tempus Dedra has an unavoidable crash.

– If a player performs a takedown on the first Escher too quickly, it may block the tutorial and the player has to restart the level (rare case/speedrun).

– The game may stutter a bit when enemies are spawned.

– The controller Aim Assist doesn’t work properly, the team is working to improve the game confort with a pad.

You can expect patch notes to come out for these bugs and issues very soon. Since the game is quite buggy on the Xbox, the developers will probbably be focusing most on their efforts on the particular platform.

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for Necromunda: Hired Gun as soon as they are released. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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Saad Muzaffar


  1. Hi,

    i really want to like this game, but on my Xbox One it is stuttering all the time, i can’t read the stats of my Inventory because of bad/buggy resolution and the general aiming is clunky as hell. Pls fix this, i really want to like this game n´but at the moment it is really no fun to play.

    • I am having the same issues. Can’t read item descriptions due to super grainy/low resolution. Hope the first patch will fix this.

  2. The performance is bad it crashes on all Xbox ones and series x suttering is bad the graphics or bad. But this is a game I lo e just please fix the crashes performace and stuttering I don’t know why it’s so hard to optimized this game I care less a out the graphics on this game. This game will be my favorite game if you just please the peformace stuttering and crashes and other problems people having .thanks

  3. hello ,
    bugs aside im enjoying the hell out of this game. althoughbi just came to a part in the game where i was goven a gun with a scope. this is not even playable. i read the above article and know its being worked on thank you.

  4. On Ps5 the options menu keeps freezing while navigating it and when you change options such as aim assist it doesn’t save your choice and reverts back to default.

    • I can’t even play I ride the elevator down after the character selection terminal and my 2 month old PS5 turns off happened 3 times in a row 4 th attempt said my system was to hot

  5. Ps4 aim assist is not working. It is not possible to turn it on no matter what. Also, the controller deadzone stops at 21% wich can be quite annoying when you try to make small movements.

  6. I changed deadzone to 5 % and gun continually fires until out of ammo, even 10 % does same on xbox1

  7. Ps4 aim assist is not working. It is not possible to turn it on no matter what I do. I’ve tried everything but nothing works, I have a disability which means i lots of issues hitting the enemy’s without aim assist

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