All New Items in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny 2’s major new expansion, The Witch Queen has been released and has brought with it a slew of new toys for the Guardians to dig their hands into. We have all the items listed below so you can prioritize what to go after.

These items range from new weapons and armor pieces for each of the classes in Destiny 2, also included in this expansion is a whole new weapon class the Glaive. All these items require you to carry out lengthy and hard quests so be prepared for some punishment. Now let’s see what’s in store for us.

The Witch Queen: New Exotic Items In Destiny 2

There are a total of 6 new Exotic pieces of armor, 2 for each of the class, with 8 new Exotic weapons, including three new class-specific weapon, The Glaive.

The armor pieces are traditionally acquired through High difficulty Lost Sectors, though this time around you can get one through the completion of the Legendary campaign of the new expansion. Weapons on the other hand are sourced through different means, like completing the season pass levels, behind quests and raids and some are only accessible through the new weapon crafting system.

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Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun

Destiny 2 Witch Queen How To Get The Grand Overture

This machine is the Season Pass Exotic of The Witch Queen expansion’s Season of the Risen event. This gun is devastating as it can shoot mini-missiles once it gets going for that extra oomph.

Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher


The Parasite Exotic grenade launcher is an amazing piece of weaponry that fires worms at enemies that explode on impact and if you have killed some enemies before firing this weapon, it will deal even more explosive damage. You can get this Exotic weapon by following our guide.

Osteo Striga Exotic Submachine Gun

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This submachine gun exotic fires a unique projectile that tracks the enemies and poisons them when hit. This weapon is the first weapon ever in Destiny 2 that needs to be crafted.

Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher

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Another Season of the Risen exotic weapon. This weapon can deal all three kinds of damage, Arc, Void, and Solar, with the grenade shooting out Wave-form that cycles through each damage type.


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Edge of Action is a Void glaive, Edge of Intent is a Solar glaive, and Edge of Concurrence is an Arc glaive. Each class has its specific Glaive and has unique abilities. The Edge of Action drops a mini-Titan shield for players. The Edge of Intent drops a special healing drone for allies. The Edge of Concurrence shoots out an electric pulse that shocks and chains damage between enemies. This is a new weapon type, introduced in this expansion.

Hoarfrost-Z Exotic Chest Piece

This chest piece is for the Titan class. It replaces the Barricade with a Stasis Wall, behind this wall the Titan is able to reap the benefits of the Rally Barricade.

Loreley Splendor Helmet

Another Titan focused armor piece. This helmet will allow the players to heal themselves when they are standing in a Sun Spot, and the Titan will spawn a Sun Spot when they reach critical health.

Osmiomancy Gauntlets Gloves

A Warlock-specific gauntlet. This lets the warlock carry 2 Coldsnap Grenades which in turn can spawn 2 Bleakwatcher turrets at the same time.

Secant Filaments Legs

Warlock exclusive leg armor. This armor piece’s perk allows the warlock to use Devour, which lets them heal by any kills they get from casting the Empowering Rift.

Renewal Grasps Gloves

The Hunter-specific Exotic armor grants a bonus to the Duskfield Grenade, giving them a much wider area of effect all the while lowering the damage output of any enemy caught in the Grenade’s aura.

Blight Ranger Helm Helmet

This helmet is for Hunters only. This lets the players deflect any projectile during the Arc Staff Super and each reflected projectile gets higher damage and generate more Orbs of Power.

How are you liking all these new exotics in the Witch Expansion of Destiny 2? How many have you collected so far and which one’s your favorite?

Comment below and let us know. And for everything Witch Queen-related stay tuned to our website.

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