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If you are playing Elden Ring on Steam, there is an amazing feature that you might not know of. Steam allows players to continue gaming even if you are away from your desktop – whether inside the house or outside. Handheld consoles are on the rise and Steam’s feature allows you to do just that. This guide will show you how to play Elden Ring on mobile via Steam Link.

Before we begin though, we suggest that you have a strong and stable internet connection. Otherwise, you might face delays and lag – making the game almost unplayable. However, if you have a good connection, you’re in luck. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to play Elden Ring on your mobile through Steam Link.

How to Play Elden Ring on Mobile (Steam Link)

Steam Link is a great way to play the games in your library remotely. All you need is a stable internet connection with good upload speeds. Once you have that set up, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the latest version of Steam
  • Download the Steam Link application on your Android or Apple device
  • Go to the Steam Link app settings and select “Other Computer.”
    • You’ll have to enter the 4-digit pin on your desktop
  • Select “Pair Steam Link” from the “Remote Play,” and enter the code seen on your phone
  • Now, select “Start Playing” and enter your four-digit PIN, and press “Connect.”
  • You can start streaming Elden Ring on your mobile device now!

You might notice a slight delay in camera and input controls but it shouldn’t affect your gameplay. Most players wouldn’t play a game like Elden Ring on a mobile device since it can be quite difficult and the slight input delay can be the difference between life and death.

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However, if you want to explore the vast open world and play the game casually, playing on a mobile device will be perfect. Also, keep in mind that there might be certain glitches present in the game if you are playing via the Steam Link, but those are quite rare. This is due to the fact that the game wasn’t meant to be played this way. However, if you have to step aside from your desktop, this seems to be the best way to play the game.

Which Mobiles Can Play Elden Ring?

How to Play Elden Ring on Mobile

The best part is that you can play Elden Ring on both Android and iOS. Regardless of which device you have, you can play it as long as your mobile supports the Steam Link application. Since this method does not use your mobile’s hardware, it doesn’t really matter what device you are using. However, if you truly want to play it on your mobile, then we suggest that you use a mobile with a large screen so that you will have space to see what’s going on around you and react accordingly.

As aforementioned, while you can play the game on your mobile, you might face input lag or other issues since the game was not meant to be played like this. The best scenario where you should play it on your mobile is if you want to farm some items such as the Cleanrot set or farm Runes. You can do so while being away from your PC and when you can use your computer again, you can use those Runes or new items to defeat the bosses.

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Alternatively, there is another method of playing Elden Ring remotely, and that is via the Xbox Remote Play. However, I do not recommend that at all since there are tons of problems with it at the moment and you will face a lot of lag and delay. In my experience, the game does not run smoothly at all and it is almost unplayable. However, the Steam Link method seems to work quite well surprisingly, so give it a try if you want to play Elden Ring on your mobile devices.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play Elden Ring on your mobile via Steam Link. We would love to hear your thoughts regarding this method. Are you enjoying the game on your mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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