PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Redeem Codes | March 2021

PUBG Mobile has just released two new exclusive 3rd Anniversary redeem codes for its global audience this month (March 2021)! Following the game’s third anniversary, you can now join in on the celebration by getting a hold of these particular codes. Make sure that you get them as quickly as possible since they’re only available for a limited time!

Sadly, the two new codes are limited-time codes which means they won’t be existing in your inventory permanently. However, they still are cool items for even if you will be able to use them for a short amount of time. If you want to claim these exclusive rewards, read on!

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Redeem Codes

pubg mobile march 2021 redeem codes

Currently, only two particular redeem codes have been released with one beingg exclusively released for the Pakistani market. If you do not know how to redeem mobile codes, take a look at our detailed guide here! However, for a quick refresher course, here’s what you need to do:

  • Paste your UID at the Redemption Center
  • Enter your Redeem Codes alongside the Verification Code

So, without further ado, here are the two PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes for March 2021 which can be activated globally:


PUBG Mobile Pakistan Exclusive Redeem Code

pubg mobile march 2021 redeem codes pakistan asim azhar

We also have another exclusive redeem code for you based on Asim Azhar’s collaboration with PUBG Mobile, Khelta Ja! You can use the same redeem method mentioned earlier. The code provides you with permanent access to the collaborative music in your inventory!


Are you excited for these redeem codes or were you hoping for more? Let us know in the comments down below! Stay tuned, there might be more redeem codes coming out in the near future!

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