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Now that PUBG: New State is available to download on Android and iOS, there are some bugs and known issues with the game that you should be aware of. The game features the next-gen battle-royale experience on mobile devices, and it seems even after testing it for several months there are still some bugs and minor glitches left in the game.

A lot of these issues have been identified by the developers, and they have given out various workarounds to fix the graphics glitches temporarily. You can expect an update or two in the next few days that would fix all these game problems. Since the launch was earlier today, PUBG is also experiencing some server issues.

PUBG: New State Bugs, Glitches and Issues

Here is an official (and also an unofficial) list of all the PUBG: New State glitches and known issues, revealed by Krafton and the player community, as of updated on November 11, 2021:

Gameplay Issues:

  • An issue where the Recommended Server function does not work as intended when logging in for the first time
    • After entering the Lobby, please select the server closest to your location in the Settings or Map Selection screen.
  • An issue where the game doesn’t get started on a Xiaomi device occasionally.
    • This issue may occur due to having an older OS version installed on the device. We recommend restarting the game after updating your device’s OS to the latest version.
  • An issue where the incorrect ping information will sometimes be displayed after creating an account.
    • This issue is triggered by a temporary UI error. Please close and re-launch the app and reselect the server by going to <Settings → Basic →  Connection →  Select Server>.
  • An issue where you may experience occasional flickering or abnormal colors in-game.
    • This issue may occur due to having an older Android OS version installed on your mobile device. We recommend restarting the game after updating your device’s OS to the latest version.
    • If the issue persists even after the version update, please change your <Settings → Graphics → Graphics API> to OPEN GL and restart the app.
      Note: You can improve your graphics performance by following this settings guide here: Best Graphics Settings for PUBG New State
  • An issue where you may experience no reload sound and motion when reloading if you tap the reload button continuously.
  • An issue where you may not hear any sounds when landing from a high place.
  • An issue where the quantity is occasionally marked as (0) when obtaining a stack of items. Please note that this is a UI issue and you will obtain the correct quantity.
  • An issue where the Follow feature will not function although it appears to be applied upon reentering a match even if it was set before leaving the match.
  • An issue where occasionally a character revived with a Green Flare Gun will be shown abnormally in the result screen.
  • An issue where throwing a Molotov inside a tram would not set the insides of the tram on fire.
  • An issue where you may obtain a dropped weapon instead of your preset weapon if one is dropped at the respawn point on the Station map.
  • An issue where certain objects may appear abnormally on the Station map. This will be restored upon respawning.

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Settings Issues:

  • An issue where the sensitivity works differently from the actual set value.   
    • This issue can be fixed by going to the Sensitivity Setting tabs and resetting the sensitivity to one of the following options: Low/Medium/High
  • An issue where some buttons in the control settings can’t be selected after using the trunk button.


  • An issue where the chatting system does not work when you re-enter the game after the game was in the background for more than 1 minute.
    • This issue can be fixed by restarting the app.
  • An issue where map selection settings are reset when you select a new party leader.  
    • Please note that map settings need to be checked again when a new leader is selected.
  • An issue where you may be disconnected when running the game in the background while in a party.

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  • An issue where the scope is occasionally shown abnormally when spectating a squad member.
  • An issue where the ID does not change even when spectating another player.

Misc. Bugs: 

  • An issue where you may experience occasional flickering of location names in the world map when playing on an iOS mobile device.
  • An issue where Pick up/Lootbox/Trunk buttons may be forcefully moved along the x-axis when opening a bag on an iOS mobile device.

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for PUBG: New State as soon as they are released with the above fixes. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

PUBG: New State is now out for the Android and iOS platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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