Rainbow Six Extraction: Trophy List (All Achievements)

Rainbow Six Extraction will be releasing on January 20, 2022, which is next week; right around the corner. However, we have the complete list of all the trophies and achievements coming out for the game on PS4 and PS5. With that said, you can take a look at everything you’ll need to do to get a Platinum trophy in the game.

While it may not seem like it, a multiplayer game like R6 Extraction still has tons of achievements that you can complete. Whether a completionist or not, most of these trophies are quite hard to complete and will take some time.

Rainbow Six Extraction All Trophies / Achievements (PlayStation and Xbox)

Here’s a list of all the trophies currently coming out for Rainbow Six Extraction. As always, their difficulty is determined by their tier. You can expect more trophies to be coming out with successive updates.

Trophy / AchievementHow to get themDifficulty / Tier
Platinum PerformanceComplete all other Trophies.Platinum
Slap FightHit 3 enemies with melee attacks.Bronze
VertigoStun 100 enemies.Bronze
BoomKill 50 enemies with explosives or abilities.Bronze
Eagle EyeScan 50 enemies with REACT Tech.Bronze
Stayin’ AliveRevive 3 allies.Bronze
Keep Em’ Comin’Kill 6 different enemies in a row.Bronze
DissectedTake down 50 Nests.Bronze
DefusedTake down 50 Breachers or Bloaters.Bronze
EeeeeeeewKill 75 Sludges with explosives.Bronze
Clear ‘Em OutEliminate 100 Grunts.Bronze
Don’t Talk to RangersKill 150 Tormentors and Spikers.Bronze
Tidying UpKill 30 Blinding Spores.Bronze
No HugsKill 50 Rooters without being caught by them.Bronze
DefeatedKill 5 Smashers with a Takedown.Silver
RegicideKill 25 Apexes.Silver
ReaperKill 30 Sowers.Bronze
AdrenalineKill an enemy while prone.Bronze
Dark ReflectionKill a Protean.Silver
Welcome HomeRescue 1 of your Operators.Bronze
UnscathedExtract from an incursion at 80% health or above after completing all ObjectivesSilver
Big City CallingComplete 20 Objectives in New York.Bronze
Fresco BoundComplete 20 Objectives in San Francisco.Bronze
To the NorthComplete 20 Objectives in Alaska.Bronze
ConsequentialComplete 20 Objectives in Truth or Consequences.Silver
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.Silver
To DoComplete 5 different Objectives.Silver
High ScoreEarn a score of 55,000 XP in a single incursion.Silver
SpecialistEarn at least 30000 XP on 5 Assignments or Crisis incursionsSilver
Mission ProbableExtract from an incursion with all Objectives completed and no one MIA.Bronze
Out With the BoysComplete all Objectives on an Incursion with only male Operators.Bronze
Girl’s NightComplete all Objectives on an Incursion with only female Operators.Bronze
Bigger KahunaComplete all Objectives and extract on 5 Incursions with a level 10 Operator.Silver
CuriouserInteract with a Point of Interest.Bronze
FieldworkInteract with 5 Points of Interest in each Region.Bronze
EncyclopediaInteract with 100 Points of Interest.Silver
It’s All ConnectedRead each Region’s final Study Description.Silver
Major FlexExtract from an Incursion after completing all Feats of Arms.Gold
Not Afraid of GooDestroy Sprawl with the React Laser in an Incursion.Gold
Gun NutEquip 15 Weapon Attachments.Bronze
CharmedEquip a Legendary Charm.Silver
SpiffyEquip a Uniform on 9 different Operators.Bronze
Proud PapaEquip Headgear on 18 different Level 10 Operators.Gold

Are you excited about Rainbow Six Extraction? What trophies are you getting? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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