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Ready or Not Hidden Room

The Wenderly Hills Hotel mission in Ready or Not has a hidden room that you can discover to find a cool easter egg. However, if you do not follow a guide, finding this room can be quite troublesome as you have to follow a specific set of steps. That is why this guide will show you the Ready or Not hidden room location.

To make the process easier, we suggest that you clear out the first floor of the hotel in order to find this room without any interruptions. While you do not get any achievement from finding this room, the developers hid another secret that you will enjoy finding. With that said, let’s dive straight in and check out the Ready or Not hidden room location.

Where is the Hidden Room in Ready or Not?

If you follow the steps mentioned below, you will easily find this room. As we said before, make sure that you clear the first floor of the hotel so that enemies do not randomly attack you when you are trying to get into the secret room. To find the hidden room, you must:

  • At the mission select screen you chose the Wenderly Hills Hotel mission
  • The barricaded suspects mission is the best to find this room
  • Go straight from where you start this mission
  • Make your way through the hallway until you reach a new room
  • Once in the room, turn right and move forward a little bit
  • After you reach the stairs, turn left and enter the second hallway
  • Halfway through the hallway, turn right and enter the room which has an X on the door
  • Keep heading straight and enter the first door on the left
  • You will see an opening left of the bookshelf. Go through the opening
  • Go a little further and you will get to the hidden room

Congratulations! Now you are in the hidden room. You will be able to see in the next few rooms and warn your teammates about upcoming dangers. Also, there is a mattress on the floor accompanied by pictures of people on the wall. This is the easter egg that we were talking about earlier. The pictures on the walls are of the developers that worked hard on this game. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to find this room yet or not.

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