Resident Evil Village Combination Codes Complete List

Resident Evil Village has just been globally released, and fans are in absolute awe of the game. Carrying the Resident Evil mantle forward, the game features complex puzzles with a unique, grimy aesthetic sense that is sure to creep out anyone who plays the game. However, to move forward, you’ll need access to Combination Codes to lock codes throughout the game. We will be providing you with a complete list of these combination codes in Resident Evil Village.

Once you get into Combination Locks, you’ll find out that while most are integral for progress in the game, other act as side-quests or secondary objectives. While they may not hinder you in completing the game, they provide you with valuable goodies like weapons and keys, which can be extremely useful as you move around the village.

Resident Evil Village Combination Lock Codes List

resident evil village codes

Currently, you will be able to find codes for one locked door and two safes. Unlike previous games, there aren’t tons of locked areas to explores. However, the code for each of these areas is different.

Workshop Locked Safe

The first safe you’ll be encountering will be in the Workshop, which can be found on the first floor of the Village. The code for this safe is 07-04-08. You will be able to find a new pistol and a Jack Handle. However, be careful! There’s a chance you might get attacked from behind if you aren’t too careful.

Luthier’s House Locked Safe

The combination code for the Safe in Luthier’s House is 27-09-17. Once you open the safe, you will be able to find an F2 Rifle High-Capacity Magazine inside, which is quite useful in later stages of the game.

Benviento’s House Locked Door

Currently, the Locked Door in Benivento’s House needs to be opened in order for you to progress in the game. As such, knowing the combination code is quite important. The code for Beneviento’s House in Resident Evil Village is 05-29-11

That’s all the combination codes you should know about in Resident Evil Village! If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the game, let us know in the comments section down below! You can purchase the game from Steam or the PS Store.

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