Rocket League Known Issues and Bugs on PC, PlayStation, Xbox

When it comes to games that bring in a fresh take on known genres, Rocket League would be somewhere on the top of that list. However, with great power comes a lot of issues and bugs, and Rocket League still suffers from a fair share of them. We have compiled a list of the most common problems in the game, and have also included any workarounds when and if available.

The game came out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and the PC in 2015 and has continued to dominate the ranks as one of the most fun titles to get into. But beware, as there are still quite a number of known issues plaguing the game.

Rocket League Bugs and Known Issues

Here is an official list of all the known issues, glitches and bugs for Rocket League announced by the developers as of November 16, 2021:


  • The Distortion decal for Takumi takes on the secondary paint color
  • The SMAA anti-aliasing option does not function as intended, and players may not notice any anti-aliasing effects while it’s enabled
  • After a Competitive match and during the Celebration screen, controllers are unable to interact with the UI
  • The SMAA anti-aliasing option does not function as intended, and players may not notice any anti-aliasing effects while it’s enabled
  • The ‘Goop XS’ and ‘Goop SE’ Decals appear as placeholder textures
  • While viewing a Replay, the “Change Game Mode” menu cannot be navigated when using a controller
  • [PC] Focus on the game client is occasionally lost
  • [Xbox One] Flashing lights on the ball may be too intense for some players
  • [PC] controller may randomly disconnect during gameplay
  • Some Wheels (Apex, Bionic, Patriarch, and ARMR) can not be equipped on some licensed cars like the Nissan Skyline
  • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem is muted when streamer safe is enabled
  • [PC] When a party member leaves a tournament joined by the party leader, the party leader is rank disparity locked from the recently joined tournament while the remaining party members are closely ranked.
    • This can be fixed if the party leader leaves the party, and reforms
  • [PlayStation, Xbox] May fail to reconnect to PsyNet if launching Rocket League while offline
    • If this occurs, reboot your game or console after online connection has been established
  • [PlayStation 4] While playing with a full Splitscreen team in Chaos mode, Rocket League may crash at the end of the match
  • [Nintendo Switch] Accounts with high density inventy inventories (3000+ items) may experience a hang in the Car Customization Body tab
  • Party members may not successfully join a Tournament match


  • Fixed controller focus bug on post-match celebration screen
  • Fixed appearance of the Tumbling Blocks Decal
  • Fixed appearance of the grill on Painted Tygris cars when non-animated Decals are equipped

You can read the full patch notes here: Rocket League Update 2.08 Patch Notes


  • Fixed the appearance of several Decals including Leviathan, Chameleon, and Trigon
  • Fixed a bug causing Esports Shop Decals to cover trim on Painted Car Bodies
  • Fixed a bug with the News Panel


  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed a resolution issue causing gameplay to appear blurry for some players
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS settings to change on their own


  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed a bug preventing 120 FPS support on the PS5


  • Aliasing along the ramp in Deadeye Canyon has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to being kicked prematurely from an in-progress Tournament


  • Players should no longer see a “duplicate login detected” message in error
  • [Nintendo Switch] To prevent game lock-up, trades are limited to a maximum of 18 items per person, reduced from 24
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Rank to display after matches
  • DMCA-protected songs will no longer play if manually selected when Streamer Safe is enabled
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom Tournaments from appearing in the Tournament Browser
  • Game will no longer lock up if you have a large number of pending friend requests
  • [PC] Fixed a bug preventing interaction with the game after using the “Do Not Disturb” function in the EGS in-game panel

Rocket League is known to release several patches a year addressing such issues so hopefully, these won’t persist in the game for long either. We will be sure to update the post as soon as there comes a patch regarding these bug fixes. If you have encountered any bugs during your gameplay, you can report them at Rocket League Support.

If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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