Horizon Forbidden West: Saved the Daunt Trophy Guide

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Collecting trophies in Horizon Forbidden West can be a fun and interesting venture. However, collecting such trophies can be difficult due to the lack of instructions and information available about them. If you are looking for a guide on collecting the Saved the Daunt Trophy then you are at the right place!

This trophy can be unlocked on 50% main story completion. While the method to complete this trophy is easy, it can still require a fair bit of time. So make sure you’re ready to have a go before jumping in. With that said, let’s see what the Saved the Daunt trophy has to offer!

What is Saved the Daunt Trophy?

Saved the Daunt is an ultra-rare trophy in Horizon Forbidden West that can only be completed after doing a specific set of quests. There are several trophies hidden in the world of Horizon Forbidden West. These trophies can be claimed through performing certain combat abilities, leveling up Aloy to certain points, and much more.

How to Claim Saved the Daunt Trophy

There are specific events you must fulfill in order to unlock the “Saved the Daunt” Trophy. Here is how it works:

  • Complete the side quest called Shadow From the Past. It can be found in the barren light part of the map.
image 392
  • Locate the prisoner and talk to him in order to get this quest.
image 393
  • Complete the Shadows in the West quest located near the eclipse hideout.
image 394
  • This quest will automatically start right after the “Shadow From the Past” Quest. Kill the Eclipse and follow along!
image 395
  • Complete a quest named The Twilight Path. This can be found on the part of the map shown below:
image 396
  • Talk to petra and start jumping in the arena to initiate the quest. Kill all the Machines and follow the route to complete the quest.
image 397
  • The final quest to gain Saved the Daunt Trophy is The Bristlebacks. This quest is started after the main quest named The Embassy.
image 398
  • Talk to Ulvund to initiate the Quest, follow all the requirements and you should earn yourself a Saved The Daunt Trophy in Horion Forbidden West
image 399

How has your Horizon Forbidden West Experience been so far? Have you managed to grab this trophy yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. “This trophy can be unlocked on 50% main story completion”

    This isn’t true, I’ve only done 5 of the 14 main quests and 19.77% game completion overall…and have just completed it.

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