The Sims 4: How to Access Scenarios and Everything You Should Know

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 has just added Scenarios in its latest update and we have everything you need to know about them right here. The update brings in Scenarios to the game which are story-oriented custom events that you can trigger which add a lot of depth and interesting caveats to the only expansive game.

Since scenarios have just been added, you must have a lot of questions about them! Thankfully, EA has answered most of them and you can find all the relevant information about scenarios in Sims 4 down below.

What are Scenarios in Sims 4?

Scenarios are goal-based stories within the game where a player’s choice impacts the outcome. There are many different outcomes to Scenarios and many different ways to achieve those outcomes. That’s right, there’s more than one way to complete a Scenario, just as in real life! You never know how the story will go. How you get there is up to you! 

What Scenarios are Available in Sims 4?

As of November 2nd, you’ll be able to play two Scenarios: Making Money and Finding Love after a Break up. This first batch of Scenarios have a challenge aspect to them and are called ‘Challenge Scenarios’.

For example, Making Money places your Sim in a situation where they have zero simoleons in their bank account. To complete the Scenario you’ll have to work your way to one million simoleons. How you get there is really up to you! You could choose the noble route and work your way through hard work and dedication or you can get creative and get to a million simoleons in other ways

How To Access Scenarios in Sims 4?

Players that download the patch on November 2nd will have access to the brand new Scenarios feature. You’ll be able to access currently available Scenarios via the Main Menu following these easy steps:

  1. Click on the ‘New Scenario’ button on the Main Menu
  2. Choose the Scenario you’d like to try out
  3. Once you’ve selected your Scenario, choose whether you’d like to start a new save, or use an existing save. Please note: At this time, a Scenario can only be started in a new household. We’re working on bringing existing households into Scenarios for a future update!
  4. Once you’re in CAS, create your household making sure to complete any requirements
  5. Next up, choose your world and lot. Remember, if you’re playing ‘Making Money’ that your household funds will be set to 0 once beginning. So, you may be in for quite the challenge if you choose to start with a bulldozed or unfurnished lot.
  6. Enter live mode, and enjoy!

Source: EA

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