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Here is a complete Season 3 Brawl Pass rewards tier list that you can unlock in Brawl Stars. Just like most multiplayer games these days, Brawl Stars also has a feature implemented called Brawl Pass to reward players with new boxes, items, power points and gems as they progress through the game. As you play more matches and complete quests in the game, you earn Tokens that in return can unlock tiers in the Brawl Pass with rewards. These tiers include free and paid rewards, both!

Brawl Stars Season 3 began last month from September 14 and will go on till November 23. This season is called Welcome to Starr Park! Like every new season, you can unlock exclusive rewards and characters with the Brawl Pass. This season unlocks Colette, the exclusive skins Poco Starr and Trixie Colette, and the exclusive Pins for Colette and Trixie Colette.

Season 3 Brawl Pass Rewards Tier List

Brawl Stars (Featured) - Season 3 Brawl Pass Tier List
Brawl Stars – Season 3 Brawl Pass Rewards Tier List

Like the previous Season 2, this new Season 3 also comes with 70 tiers that you can unlock with Tokens. Here is the complete rewards tier list of the Brawl Stars Season 3 Brawl Pass:

TierNo. of Tokens
to unlock
Reward (Free)Reward (Premium)
00Big BoxPoco Starr
175Brawl Box
27510 GemsMega Box
3100Big Box
4150Brawl Box100 Coins
5200Big Box
630050 CoinsBig Box
7400Big Box
8400Brawl Box100 Coins
9400Big Box
10400Mega BoxPin Pack
11400Big Box
12400Brawl Box50 Power Points
13400Big Box
1440010 GemsBig Box
15400Big Box
16400Brawl Box100 Coins
17400Big Box
1840050 CoinsMega Box
19400Big Box
20400Mega Box100 Coins
21500Brawl Box
2250020 GemsBig Box
23500Big Box
24500Brawl Box100 Power Points
25500Big Box
2650050 Power PointsBig Box
27500Big Box
28500Brawl Box200 Coins
29500Big Box
30500Mega BoxColette
31500Big BoxColette Pin (Angry)
32500100 CoinsBig Box
33500Brawl BoxColette Pin (Sad)
3450050 Power PointsMega Box
35500Big Box
3650010 GemsBig Box
37500Big BoxColette Pin (Happy)
38500Brawl Box100 Power Points
39500Big Box
40500Mega Box200 Coins
41600Brawl BoxColette Pin (Thanks)
4260075 Power PointsBig Box
43600Brawl Box
4460010 GemsBig Box
45600Mega BoxColette Pin (GG)
46600Brawl Box200 Power Points
47600Big Box
48600200 CoinsMega Box
49600Big BoxColette Pin (Phew)
50600100 Power PointsBig Box
51600Mega Box
5260010 GemsBig Box
53600Big BoxTrixie Colette Pin (Neutral)
54600Brawl Box200 Coins
55600Mega Box
56600200 CoinsBig Box
57600Big BoxTrixie Colette Pin (Angry)
58600Brawl Box200 Power Points
59600Big BoxTrixie Colette Pin (Sad)
60600Mega BoxBig Box
61600Big BoxTrixie Colette Pin (Happy)
6260020 GemsMega Box
63600Brawl BoxTrixie Colette Pin (Thanks)
64600100 Power PointsBig Box
65600Mega BoxTrixie Colette Pin (GG)
66600Big Box300 Coins
67600500 CoinsTrixie Colette Pin (Phew)
68600Mega Box500 Power Points
69600500 Power PointsTrixie Colette Pin (Special)
70600Pin PackTrixie Colette

This adds up to a total of 70 tiers that you can unlock, 34,500 Tokens needed and includes the following rewards:

Season 3 Brawl Pass Free Rewards:

  • 16 Brawl Boxes
  • 25 Big Boxes
  • 10 Mega Boxes
  • 1100 Coins
  • 875 Power Points
  • Pin pack
  • 90 Gems

Season 3 Brawl Pass Premium Rewards:

  • 13 Big Boxes
  • 5 Mega Boxes
  • 1300 Coins
  • 1150 Power Points
  • Pin Pack
  • 6 Colette Pins
  • 8 Trixie Colette Pins
  • Colette
  • Trixie Colette Skin
  • Poco Starr Skin
Brawl Stars (Featured) - Season 3 Brawl Pass

Season 3 Brawl Pass Price

To purchase the Season 3 Brawl Pass, you need 169 Gems in your account. You can also spend 249 Gems to buy the Brawl Pass bundle which includes the regular Brawl Pass rewards and also progresses you ahead a certain number of tiers. This way, you immediately unlock a lot more items with a lot less game play time.

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