How to Solve the Secret Puzzle in Elden Ring | Leyendell, The Royal Capital

Elden Ring Royal Capital Secret Puzzle

The Lands Between is chock full of secrets, from entire DLC-worthy secret levels containing some of the toughest challenges the game has to offer to secret puzzle areas that lead to major revelations or important items. There is a near limitless amount of pathways and secrets to discover in your time spent in the world of Elden Ring.

One such secret can be found in one of the most expansive levels in the entirety of Elden Ring, Leyendell, The Royal Capital soon after beating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. A path locked behind a somewhat confusing riddle. Here’s how to solve it!

How to Solve The Secret Puzzle in Elden Ring:

Elden Ring secret

After you beat Godfrey’s spirit in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, you will come upon a statue that gives you a riddle to solve. Right after beating the spirit of “Godfrey, first Elden Lord”, you can take a left from his Grace and go down an elevator which will bring you upon a curious statue of Radagon himself with a curious riddle lying on the floor. The riddle goes: “Regression alone reveals secrets” While this may stump a lot of players, especially those who haven’t invested at all in magic, the answer is quite simple.

To solve this riddle in Elden Ring just follow these steps:

  • Locate any Incantation vendor such as the turtle in the Church of Vows or one of the initial NPCs in the Roundtable Hold.
  • Give them the Golden Order Principia Prayerbook.
  • Buy the incantation “Law of Regression” (Keep in mind this incantation requires the player to have 37 INT)
  • Go back to statue where you found the riddle.
  • Use the “Law of Regression” Incantation

And that’s all you need to do in order to solve this secret puzzle in Elden Ring. It doesn’t lead to a very important item or weapon, but it does lead to some major lore implications that are particularly enticing if you’re like me and have been deeply invested into From Software’s new world.

Is this Puzzle Necessary for Progression?

You don’t actually have to solve this puzzle to continue into the story of Elden Ring. This is a completely optional puzzle for players who want to take part in uncovering the vast and deep lore of Elden Ring’s interesting world.


While the riddle would probably make you wonder if there’s a very important secret or item behind this well-hidden puzzle, there’s actually nothing of the sort. This riddle actually hides a very huge lore revelation about one of the central characters in Elden Ring: “Radagon of The Golden Order”, which is going to be interesting to the many people invested in Elden Ring’s lore.

What Happens If You Complete The Puzzle? (Spoiler Warning!)

Screenshot 165

This secret sheds light on the final boss fight of Elden Ring. When you cast the Law of Regression Incantation the statue of Radagon vanishes and instead shows the statue of Queen Marika that you’ve been seeing in all the Churches of Marika throughout the game. We can assume that this implies that Queen Marika and Radagon of the Golden Order somehow were two souls actually present in the same body.

Where Queen Marika was the one who shattered the Elden Ring due to her grief after the death of Prince Godwyn and Lady Ranni while Radagon was the one trying to restore it back together. You can discuss this finding with Brother Corhyn who will be suitably confused by this revelation as well. And so will the players until they get to the final boss.

Elden Ring’s world is vast with a deeply written lore and history and where every throwaway line can have major implications in the whole of this world. As one of the tarnished, you can step into these lands as a scholar piecing together all that has happened, all while learning of major revelations in the game’s story.

This background world building has consistently been a core element of the magic behind the Souls series, and the influence of George R.R Martin coupled with From Software’s already good hand in creating massively in-depth worlds bleeding into the development of Elden Ring makes for one of the most engaging settings ever made. both in terms of discovery and in terms of its narrative and history.

We hope this guide helped you out! For more helpful guides stay tuned for more!

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