Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass Rewards | Free and Premium

Splitgate Season 0 has just been announced and the developers have packed in a reward for all 100 levels of the Battle Pass! With tons of skins, new characters, taunts, currency and blings, we’ve compiled a list of both free and premium Battle Pass Rewards.

Season 0 also brings with it a brand new map, the contaminated game mode and much more! You can take a look at the complete patch notes here for more information about Season 0.

Split Gate Season 0 Reward List

The most exciting part of the Battle Pass is that you will be able to earn all your Splitcoins back! This means that you’ll need to purchase the Battle Pass with real money once and you can then re-invest your Splitcoins to consistently be able to play every consecutive Battle Pass!

Here’s the complete list of all Premium and Free Rewards in Splitgate Season 0

Note: Free rewards are in bold. You will not need to purchase a Battle Pass to get these rewards.

1Legendary Assault Rifle – Cardboard
2Epic Reward – 5% XP Boost
3Epic Maximus – Spec-Ops Arm
4Epic Maximus – Spec-Ops Back
5Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
6Rare Rocket Launcher – EX
7Rare BFB – OP
8Rare Reward – 1 Drop
9Epic Hands On Jack – Iron
10 Epic Hands On Jack – Iron Character
11Rare Pistol – Watt
12Legendary Railgun – Zeus
13Rare Plasma Rifle – EX
14Rare Trueshot – Boomrazzle
15Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
16Epic Spray – Maximus
17Rare Trueshot – OP
18Rare Reward – 1 Drop
19Epic Maximus – Taunt Back
20Epic Maximus – Taunt Arm
21Common Name Tag – Season 0 Noob
22Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
23Epic Banner – Maximus
24Rare Fodder – Boomrazzle
25Rare Reward -1 Drop
26Rare Shotgun – OP
27Epic Plasma Rifle – Hannya
28Rare Assualt Rifle – Eel
29Epic Name Tag – Hillboy
30Epic Reward – 5% XP Boost
31Rare SMG – Watt
32Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
33Epic Rocket Launcher – Hannya
34Rare Railgun – Boomrazzle
35Rare Reward – 1 Drop
36Epic Maximus – Boss Back
37Epic Maximus – Boss Character
38Rare Shotgun – Watt
39Rare Trueshot – Watt
40Rare Fodder – OP
41Rare Sniper – Virtue
42Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
43Rare Assault Rifle – EX
44Epic Pistol – Warp
45Rare Reward – 1 Drop
46Epic Hands On Jack – Diamond Back
47Epic Hands on Jack – DIamond Character
48Rare Carbine – Virtue
49Legendary Maximus – General Back
50Legendary Maximus – General Character
51Rare Plasma Rifle – Eel
52Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
53Epic SMG – Warp
54Legendary Battle Rifle – Zeus
55Rare Reward – 1 Drop
56Unknown (Bug from the developers)
57Epic Name Tag – Fragger
58Rare Railgun – Virtue
59Epic Spray – Hands On Jack
60Epic Reward – 5% XP Boost
61Rare BFB – Watt
62Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
63Epic BFB – Warp
64Rare Pistol – OP
65 Rare Reward – 1 Drop
66Epic Tusk – SK’LL Back
67 Epic Tusk – SK’LL Character
68Rare Rocket Launcher – Eel
69Rare Sidewinder – OP
70Epic Banner – Hands on Jack
71Rare Name Tag – Splitgang
72Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
73Epic Hands On Jack – Uranium Back
74 Epic Hands On Jack – Uranium Character
75 Rare Reward – 1 Drop
76Legendary Sniper – Zeus
77Rare Carbine – Boomrazzle
78Epic Spray – Tusk
79Legendary Hands On Jack – Cobalt Back
80 Legendary Hands On Jack – Cobalt Character
81Epic Banner – Tusk
82 Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
83Epic Tusk – Krim’Zon Back
84 Epic Tusk – Krim’Zon Character
85 Rare Reward – 1 Drop
86Rare Fodder – Watt
87Epic Assault Rifle – Hannya
88Epic Tusk – Ze’Ro Back
89 Epic Tusk – Ze’Ro Character
90Legendary Name Tag – Season 0 Veteran
91Epic Reward – 5% XP Boost
92Legendary Reward – 100 Splitcoin
93Rare SMG – OP
94Rare Sidewinder – Boomrazzle
95 Rare Reward – 1 Drop
96Rare Battle Rifle – Boomrazzle
97Epic Shotgun – Warp
98Epic Portal – Honeycomb
99Legendary Tusk – General Back
100Legendary Maelstrom – General

How Much Does The Battle Pass Cost?

The Premium Battle Pass for Season 0 of Split Gate comes in two distinct options: Premium and Premium + 20 Levels. As evident, you get an extra 20 Levels for getting the more expensive option.

The base version of the Battle Pass costs $10 USD while the more expensive variant costs $20 USD.

That’s all you needed to know about the Season 0 Battle Pass alongside all its rewards and perks. Are you excited about this fresh new game? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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