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Terraria is an incredibly popular game that takes inspiration from sandbox games like Minecraft. One of the biggest reasons why it is so popular is because players have the freedom to create their own home base. It allows your creativity to run wild and you can build a base almost anywhere. That is why this guide will take a look at the Terraria house base ideas.

If you just started the game and are looking to take inspiration from various designs, look no further because this guide will show you the best house base ideas. If you think you found a good place, you can start building a base there while taking inspiration from some of our ideas.

House Base Ideas in Terraria

Before we discuss the house designs, there are a few restrictions that you need to keep in mind:

  • A house must have at least 60 blocks or tiles but less than 750 in total.
  • The smallest home you can build is three blocks wide, ten blocks high.
  • Apart from the naturally occurring walls, each house must have a background wall.
  • You should include at least one of the following furnishings: a light source, a comfort item, and a flat surface item.
  • Entrance is necessary for every house or structure.
  • Never breach the corruption levels.

As aforementioned, there is no limit to creativity in Terraria. You can make your wildest house designs come true in the game. Whether you are looking to build a simple house, castle, treehouse, or even an underwater home; this guide has it all. With that said, let’s get started and take a look at some of the best ideas.

Starter House 

Terraria House Base Ideas

If you are just starting out, building the starter house is your best bet. It requires minimal materials and you can start building it as soon as you want to. While it doesn’t look fancy and does not have cool features, it provides a good shelter. Start off with this house and make your way up to a castle or even an underground house.

Desert House

Terraria House Base Ideas

If you find yourself in the desert without any shelter, worry not because this house is convenient to make. Also, NPCs such as the dye traders often visit the desert. If you are a regular customer of the dye traders, making a home in the desert is the right step to take.


Terraria House Base Ideas

This is one of the most popular designs as most players either had or wanted a treehouse in their childhood. You can either make a base in a single tree or connect multiple trees as well. However, if this is your first time, connecting multiple trees together can get quite challenging and complex.

Underground House

Terraria House Base Ideas

Having an underground base is the dream of most players. It might initially look difficult to make but worry not because it is quite simple. The best part is that you can convert any ruin into your home. Your creativity is the limit because you will have plenty of space to work with. Plus, it isn’t visible to other players on the surface; adding a sense of mystery.

Modern House

Terraria House Base Ideas

Fans of modern infrastructure will be glad to know that Terraria allows you to build a modern villa as your house base. However, this construction takes proper planning and effort on your part. You can either make a single-story house or a multi-structured building to gain some height. Add a swimming pool in your villa and you have yourself an expensive modern house.

Snow Cabin

Who doesn’t like a snow cabin that they can use during the snowy season? It gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to the player. The main thing that you’ll want to do is to add a fireplace to your home to give it a cabin feel. While building it can take some time and effort, it is certainly worth it. Plus, make sure to put a lot of lanterns around the place as well.

Jungle House

The jungle hut is an extremely popular design that most players build. While it can be quite challenging – especially for newer players – we highly suggest that you try to build it. For this, you will want to make your house surrounded by various trees. This is similar to the treehouse build but instead of making it in a single tree, you can incorporate as many trees as you want.

Christmas House

Terraria House Base Ideas

If you are looking for a Christmas getaway house, there is no better design than this. You can make a gingerbread house with Christmas-themed lights and a small Christmas tree inside your home. This design is quite similar to the snow cabin but with added Christmas decorations. The main things that you need are a fireplace, tree, snowman, festive lights, and Christmas decorations.

Underwater House

Terraria House Base Ideas

This design is one of the most unique Terraria house base ideas. The underwater house is extremely challenging to build but it looks cool when done right. This requires tons of patience, resources, and planning. Once fully built, you can add a ship on top to attract various NPCs.

Multi-layered Treehouse

We discussed the single treehouse before and now it’s time to take a look at the multi-layered treehouse. You will require a lot of planning for this otherwise the end result won’t be good. The main premise is to have rooms in various trees connected by wooden stairs. It not only looks cool but also will help you organize better.

Castle Design

Finally, it’s time to talk about the castle design. You’ve probably seen a lot of castles so you might have an idea about how you are going to go about this. The optimal way is to build a two or three towered castle that has a sturdy base and empty space for various NPCs. The entire structure is built from thick stone slabs with some wood here and there.

Beach House

If you want to enjoy a tropical vacation, the best way to do so is to build yourself a beach house and live in it. Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of the ocean breeze and the sound of crashing waves? You will have to find ample space on a beach and build your house on it.

House On Stilts

This is probably the most unconventional design on this list. You might think that there is no point in this build, and you’ll be right. However, it looks cool and is unique, so why not try it? It’s as simple as it sounds, you find a body of water and build your house on top of it with stilts supporting your foundation.

Simple House Design

Ending off our list with a simple house design. This house has all the basic features that any Terraria player would need. However, instead of being a fancy and large house, it is simple and minimalistic. You can eventually expand the house if you feel like you need more space. Plus, this house is good for starters as well.

Those are all the trending and fun Terraria house base ideas that you can try out. There are tons of tutorials that show you how to build a specific house so make sure that you check them out. Let us know if you managed to build an amazing house. We would love to see your creations as well!

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