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Tribes of Midgard is a newly released game and therefore is destined to have a few bugs and issues here and there. While there aren’t a lot of game-breaking glitches, there are tons of small errors that can be quite annoying. As such, we’ve compiled a list of all the issues (and their workarounds) in one place.

If you seem to be having any of these issues, don’t fret, we have a solution listed down for you. Plus, all of these bugs should be gone automatically once a new update comes out. If however, there’s an issue that isn’t listed down below, you should report it officially to the game developers so that it can get sorted out as soon as possible.

All Tribes of Midgard Bugs and Known Issues

We’ve compiled a list of all the known issues currently present in the game from various sources including official developer notes. While most of these issues do have a solution which we’ve listed down below, some are still unfixable.

We’re constantly on the lookout for more issues and will be updating this list as soon as we get our hands on anything new (or if a previous issue has been patched by the developers). Do check the latest Tribes of Midgard updates here!

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

High Occurrence Bugs

More Symbol Does Not Disappear

Issue: “Progress” tab “!” symbol does not disappear even if there is no challenge to claim.

Medium Occurrence Bugs

Map Covered With Water

Issue: Map is fully covered with water or other biomes appear around the village

Fix: Make sure when loading in a game to not do extra inputs while waiting

Infinite Loading Screen

Issue: Infinite Loading Screen

Fix: Having their friends queue up without them, load in, abandon world, and reinvite them seems to temporarily resolve issue. Even works if the other player goes into matchmaking by themselves.

Jarnsaxa Despawns

Issue: Jarnsaxa despawns during transformation, yielding no points

Fix: When you see Jarnsaxa is in the process of transforming into her ‘wind’ form, do not hit her. After she’s done transforming, you can start to hit her again.

Buggy Skills

Issue: Buggy Skills (e.g. Warden’s Haggler & Potion Stacker, Hunter’s Trap Stacker)

Fix: The issue is still occurring in Multiplayer sessions.

Black Screen After TP

Issue: Black screen after Teleporting/transitioned, can still interact with the menus

Loot Goes Out Of Reach

Issue: Loot/Death Chests fall/spawn out of reach (on a higher or lower level)

Dying On Bridge Makes Loot Chest Fall

Issue: Saving & Quitting or dying on the Bridge makes the Loot Chest fall into the water

Can’t Invite Friends on PlayStation

Issue: Can’t invite friends on PlayStation

Fix: You need to create a Playstation Party and invite your friends.

Low Occurrence Issues

Pet Falls Into Water And Doesn’t Respawn

Issue: Pet falls into the water and does not respawn

Fix: Save & Quitting after the next save point, then reentering the game will resolve the issue.

Players Do Not Receive Coins

Issue: Some players do not receive coins after buying them in the shop

Fix: If you have been charged and still don’t see the coins after 1h, please contact support.

Not Getting Credit For Kills

Issue: Not getting credit for any Jötnar kills

Fix: Try to do the final blows with a closed-range weapon.

Can’t Purchase Platinium Coins

Issue: Platinum Coins Purchase error

Fix: Reach out to the Support Team

Purchases With Horn Charge Too Much

Issue: Purchases made with the Horns that are charging too much

Fix: Please reach out to our Support

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Dagny Mysteriously Disappears

Issue: Dagny mysteriously disappears after putting Traps

Fix: Do not put any Traps/Jars near Dagny in future games.

You Can Get Stuck In The Quarry, Lumberyard or Farm

Issue: You can get stuck in the quarry, lumberyard, or farm as you build it

Fix: Try to be mindful of where you are when rebuilding this station.

Choosing A Class Too Fast Leaves You With -1 Blessing Points

Issue: Choosing a Class 2x too fast will leave you with -1 Blessing Points.

Fix: Select a Class once.

Partial Loss Of Functionality

Issue: Partial loss of functionality (cannot attack, dodge, or interact/harvest)

Fix: The solution i found was to build a ramp (or any construction presumably), and you’re immediately able to do everything again. But depending where and how it happens that may not be possible.

Cannot Use Lock / Shield

Issue: There are times when player is unable to use Lock/Shield.

Wolves Land On Heads

Issue: Wolves landing on heads

Roosters Spawn In Water

Issue: Sometimes Roosters spawn in water

GPU Heats Up

Issue: GPU is heating up.

Fix: Try capping to 30 fps for now

Game Crashes On Boot

Issue: Crash on boot

Fix: Make sure that Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is installed on your computer and Uninstall Sonic Studio

Private Survival Games Not Running Currectly

Issue: Issues with private Survival games.

Fix: Make sure that when loading back into a game to not do extra inputs while waiting.

Are you facing an issue other than the ones we’ve listed above? Let us know in the comments section down below! If you want to report a bug officially, you can do so here.

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