How to Unlock Aiden Pearce | Watch Dogs: Legion

The OG from the first game, the legend, the protagonist, the man himself, Aiden Pearce, is making his way back to the game. The third edition of the game Watch Dogs: Legion, will see him making a return, and all the fans are excited by the news.

Now, many of you will be wanting to unlock the character in-game. So let us take you through, all the things you need to implement, to unlock the legendary character.

Season Pass / Ultimate Edition of the Game

One way to get Aiden Pearce is to buy the season pass of Watch Dogs: Legion, if you don’t have the ultimate version of the game. If you have the ultimate edition, then it includes the season pass itself, along with VIP Status for 4 weeks and some more supplementary content / bonuses.

Aiden Pearce is returning in Watch Dogs: Legion

Aiden Pearce is the Main NPC in Watch Dogs: Legion

There are many NPCs (Non-Player characters) in the game apart from our main guy, Aiden Pearce. However, none of them have the same spotlight as the superstar from the first game. Aiden is included in the cinematics obviously, but this isn’t where he stops. All of the main campaign is based around Aiden’s personality. So you might as well want to unlock the heroic character.

Here’s a teaser trailer of the character from the official Youtube channel of UbiSoft.

YouTube video

Aiden Pearce will be Available Through DLC

Aiden, will be coming to the game with the release of DLC. DLC is basically, additional downloadable content, which you can purchase in-game to get yourself some more features or rewards of some kind.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, the DLC will include not only Aiden, but some more characters as well. Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, the assassin Darcy and Mina, to name a few. Players don’t really have to finish the DLC, they can complete the main campaign otherwise as well.

The release date of the DLC hasn’t been released yet, so we’ll have to wait a bit more for that.

If you’re planning to play Watch Dogs: Legion, then Aiden Pearce is a must have. You’ll enjoy the game more and getting the DLC, will give you more features as well. So, we’d suggest you, buy the seasonal pass or the ultimate edition of the game, to get the best experience.

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