How to Unlock AS VAL in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 2

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 2021 is currently live and the players are enjoying the game as usual. Many new updates came in this season, just like in any other. New maps, weapons, challenges, and more updates made their way into the game. What makes Call of Duty: Mobile such a great game is the constant updates, which include the inclusion of new maps, and weapons especially. The players love to use new guns and battle them out on the new maps. Specifically, in this season, we have got two new weapons in the form of the AS VAL assault rifle, which is not difficult to unlock, and the SPR 208 Marksman Rifle, which is yet to come.

Particularly, in this article, we will be looking at how to unlock the AS VAL in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2. It is a very easy process, and won’t take much of your time before you rock the gun in-game.

How to Unlock the AS VAL Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to unlock the AS VAL assault rifle in COD Mobile

Well, to unlock the AS VAL, all you need to do is reach the 21st tier of the Battle Pass of Call of Duty: Mobile: Season 2. Once you reach there, the gun will automatically unlock and you can upgrade and use it with the attachments of your choice. Moreover, there are some tips to increase your BP tier faster. Firstly, playing the Battle Royale mode will give you more Battle Pass XP as compared to the Multiplayer game mode. Besides, completing seasonal challenges and featured events will also give you a lot of Battle Pass XP.

Having said that, the gun is available at the 21st tier, so it won’t be long anyway before you unlock it. You can get it in a matter of hours even, if you were to play continuously. Afterward, upgrade the gun to its max capability by playing with it and using your weapon XP. It is a great assault rifle, and you will see a lot of players using it in Ranked match mode.

Last but not the least, if you purchase the premium Battle Pass, then you will also get the epic AS VAL – Judgment skin at the 50th tier of the BP. And in all honesty, the camo looks stunning! Here is a picture of the particular skin.

AS VAL - Judgment in COD Mobile

This was all about how you can unlock the AS VAL assault rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2. We will be covering more details about the gun including its best gunsmith loadout and the complete guide about the weapon. So, make sure you keep in touch!

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