How to Unlock Christian in WWE 2K Battlegrounds | Former World Heavyweight Champion

unlock wwe 2k christian battlegrounds

Take-Two Interactive has just released 3 new wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. These include Dana Brooke, Otis, and former World Heavyweight Champion Christian. While the other two wrestlers can be unlocked, you can outright purchase Christian using either Bucks or Golden Bucks as payment methods.

2K Battlegrounds is an arcade brawler style game that features iconic wrestlers from different eras of the WWE franchise. Since the game revolves around character collection, the developers constantly add new wrestlers into the game like Christian, which you can then unlock. These wrestlers have unique voice lines and animations that add a lot of variety to the game.

How to Unlock Christian in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

christian wwe 2k battlegrounds unlock

Unlocking Christian does not require any pre-requisites. As soon as you update the game to the latest patch, you can unlock the wrestler after paying the price. The method to unlocking Christian is the same as unlocking any other wrestler. Currently, he has a rating of 82, which is quite respectable given the lower than the average price of the card.

Here’s how you can unlock Christian:

  • Head on to the Superstars tab on the Main Menu
  • Scroll through the wrestler until you find Christian
  • Select his box and open it. You will need 3000 Bucks and 75 Golden Bucks.
  • After purchasing, you can now use the wrestler in-game.

Note: Bucks are a non-premium currency. So, if you want to unlock Christian for free, you will need to grind 3000 bucks. If you are a P2P player, you can buy 1100 Golden Bucks for $9.99.

Christian would be an interesting addition to anyone’s roster of wrestlers. If you are a big fan of the character, you can always buy him outright. However, you can still get the wrestler after grinding the game and playing matches for about 5-6 days depending on your pace. In any case, we’ll be sure to keep you covered on all the new wrestlers coming out in the game.

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    Battlegrounds is absolutely amazing, highly anticipating WWE2K22 and AEW. Meanwhile I’ve discovered Retro Mania Wrestling and Fire Pro Wrestling. Highly recommend both. Although Fire Pro wrestling isn’t very active.

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