How to Unlock Conquest Mask in GTA Online

Events and new items are the heart and soul of an online game like GTA and Rockstar Games sure knows how to keep things interesting and the players grinding by adding new events for all the special times around the year.

Halloween Event is one the most prominent event in GTA Online where lots of new stuff gets released and brings back the player to put in some effort and get their hands on the limited edition stuff. In this guide, we are going to be focusing on how to unlock the Conquest Mask in GTA Online.

Unlocking Conquest Mask in GTA Online

Conquest Mask is part of the limited-edition collectible items for the Halloween Event in GTA Online. Every year for October, Rockstar Games like to put out a few cosmetic items, keeping in view the spirit of the spooky season.

This year is no different as we have got a whole set of masks to be unlocked by completing simple tasks. Conquest Mask is the easiest to unlock and depending on the situation, you might have already unlocked it. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, let us tell you how you can get it.

Conquest Mask can be simply unlocked by logging into your GTA Online account and playing the game for a mere 30 minutes to make sure that the mask gets in your inventory. When the mask is unlocked, you will get a prompt that the mask has been unlocked.

Conquest Mask
Unlock Prompt

The mask can be equipped by going to Interaction Menu>Style>Accessories>Masks. If for some reason, the mask is not showing up in your inventory, you can go to the “VESPUCCI MOVIE MASKS” store under the Character’s category and get it there.


Vespucci Masks Store Location in GTA Online

The Vespucci Masks Store is located on Vitus Street in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, south of the pier on the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk.

image 32
Vespucci Movie Masks Store Location

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