How to Unlock the Don’t Shoot Emote in Call of Duty: Mobile | Free Redeem Code

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can unlock the Don’t Shoot emote for free in COD Mobile with an exclusive redeem code. The developers have constantly been pushing out new updates for the game alongside exclusive content for Season 1 New Order update. Here’s how you can get the new emote for free.

Emotes are customization options in your game that are purely meant for vanity purposes. They do not add anything to your gameplay and are just used as ways to taunt your opponents. The Don’t Shoot Emote, in particular, can only be redeemed in the redemption center.

Don’t Shoot Emote Redeem Code

COD Mobile Don't Shoot Emote - Redeem Code

Firstly, you can look at our detailed guide on redeeming any code for COD: Mobile. If you already know how to or don’t have the time, then here’s a concise summary. Firstly, you need your UID, which you can find by tapping on your profile. Next, you need to enter the code below on the official redemption website.


If you’ve entered the code correctly, you should be getting a Redeemed message which confirms the fact that you’ve unlocked the new emote. It should be appearing in your inventory very soon if it hasn’t already.

You might want to read our full guide on how to redeem codes in Call of Duty: Mobile.

This concludes our article on everything you needed to know about how you can unlock the Don’t Shoot Emote in COD: Mobile. Stay tuned for more news! In the meantime, you might want to check how you can unlock the BiSH emote for free!

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