How to Unlock FPS in Dead By Daylight Config File

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This is a small tutorial to show you how to unlock or disable the FPS lock in Dead by Daylight, using its config file. DBD is a graphical immersive game with great visuals and colours, however it is limited to a FPS cap that can be removed with some slight modifications. Not just with DBD, there are a number of games that have a hard limit on the number of frames it can produce, but for those who have a beefed up PC and want to experience the maximum performance, this tutorial is for them.

A lot of the games store their configurations and settings in a simple text, or a XML file. All you need to do is a change, remove or add a couple of lines in the file and you can get your desired results. You can read through the steps below to find out how to unlock the frames-per-second limitation in Dead By Daylight.

Please note, the maximum FPS value that can be reached is 120 due to a hard cap that cannot be changed easily.

Step 1 – Hold the CTRL + R keys, and copy / paste the following location in the text box:


Alternatively, if you bought and download the game via the Microsoft Store, you need to visit the following location:


And, if you downloaded the game from Steam, this is the location you need to open:


Step 2 – Once you are at the above location (directory), open Engine.ini in a text editor.

Step 3 – Now add the following lines and save the text file.


Remember, these settings will always reset when you try to change any game options from the Settings menu in-game. You will need to repeat the above steps all over again.

Dead By Daylight is now available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. If you enjoyed this tip, you can read through more news and guides in our Dead By Daylight section. We have also listed below some important guides you should check out:

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  1. /steamapps/compatdata/381210/pfx/ theres nothing

    1. James Avatar

      Just follow the steps for opening “windows no editor”

  2. Heverton Moreira Kesseler Avatar
    Heverton Moreira Kesseler

    Did it, still caped on 120fps.

    1. Haris Nadeem Avatar
      Haris Nadeem

      This looks like patched up in the recent updates. Let me see if there is another exploit discovered.

      1. Richard Avatar

        Did you find something?

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