How to Unlock the Silent Assassin Suit in Hitman 3 | Hokkaido Snow Festival Event

Hitman 3 Hokkaido Snow Festival

Hitman 3 has just released the Hokkaido Snow Festival Event and brings with it a brand new level that has you assassinate Dmitri Fedrov in Hokkaido, Japan. Unlocking the Silent Assassin Suit for this particular level allows you to go through it much quicker. However, even if you can’t, there are still a few ways for you to complete the level.

As always, Agent 47 has to go above and beyond to try and get his target with ease. As such, unlocking the Silent Assassin Suit can make life much easier for Hokkaido Snow Festival Event. Read on to learn how you can do so!

Unlocking the Silent Assassin Suit | Hokkaido Snow Festival

hitman 3 hokkaido snow festival - Silent Assassin Suit

In order to unlock the Silent Assassin Suit, you’ll need to complete all 7 challenges in HITMAN 2’s Hokkaido Snow Festival Event. Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete:

  • Complete Hokkaido Snow Festival
  • Knock out all three central gardener’s with a Snowball (Blood in the Snow)
  • Kill Dmitri with an icicle (N-Icicle Assassin)
  • Drop the icicle in the archway (Cold from Above)
  • Prick Fedorov with an Emmetci Syringe (Cold Surprise)
  • Electrocute a subdued Fedorov with overflown pool water (Festival Shock)

After completing all these challenges, you’ll be able to unlock the Silent Assassin Suit in HITMAN 3.

How To Complete Hokkaido Snow Festival Without Silent Assassin Suit

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of getting a mastery, no worries. You can still complete the Hokkaido Snow Festival event in HITMAN 3 without a Silent Assassin Suit. Here’s our best plan:

  • Pick up the snowball or hammer found near Dmitri to distract the guard and push him over the ledge. If you time it right, you’ll end up getting the Silent Assassin reward regardless.

That’s all you need to do about HITMAN 3’s Hokkaido Snow Festival for now. With new events and rewards coming out this season, we’ll surely be covering it as time goes on!

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