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Genshin Impact has just released a new event for the game. The new seasonal event is called ‘Unreconciled Stars,’ and like the previous event, it brings with it exclusive new challenges and rewards that are available only for a limited time.

Genshin Impact is a Gacha themed RPG with co-op features and a beautiful open-world. The combat system relies on efficient character switching. Moreover, Genshin Impact is critically acclaimed for its impressive storyline.

Unreconciled Stars in Genshin Impact

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In this particular event, Meteorites are falling upon Tteyvat, which bring with them a rare sickness that causes people to sleep. You can start the quests for this event by talking to Katheryne from the Adventurers’ Guild in Moondstadt called Unknown Star.

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After completing the first part of the quest, Unknown Star – Overtrue event will become available. You can then click on the map to view sites where meteorite shards are present. Players can then go to those specific locations and salvage meteorite shards for rewards. You have to salvage three meteors to complete the quest.

Event Start / End Dates

Event duration: 2020/11/16 – 2020/11/30
“Unknown Star” Starting time: 2020/11/16
“Star of Deceitful Dreams” Starting time: 2020/11/18
“Star of Destiny” Starting time: 2020/11/23

Note: Once the event shop closes, all Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s  Essence in your possession will automatically disappear.

Unlock Criteria

The unlock criteria for this Event is fairly different than other events. You need Adventurer Rank 20 for this particular event.

Event Details

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This quest’s main arc revolves around collecting meteor fragments and salvaging fallen ones using your map as guidance. If you complete the entire questline. You will unlock rewards such as Fading Star’s Might, Fading Star’s Essence, Prismogems (the game’s currency,) and Mora.

Here are some tips that should help you clear the event quicker:

  • The event can be played in Co-Op mode as well.
  • When you reach an affected area, the mini-map shows the approximate locations of meteorite shards.
  • Rewards available from the meteorites will vary depending on the world level they are found in.
  • Defeating enemies will progress the Salvage process and going too far away will lead the process to start from zero.
  • Killing monsters helps you accumulate celestial energy that is used to hasten the salvage process.
  • During the Fallen Star challenge players may receive random special character effects such as Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starbust
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This concludes everything you need to know about the latest Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact. Stay tuned for more news related to the game!

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