Best VRChat Worlds to Explore in 2022: Aesthetic Spots, Games and Movies

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So you’ve been hearing a lot about this game called “VRChat” and are finally jumping in to see what it’s all about, or you might have already taken the plunge and all you have managed to find is bad user-made content and have no idea what you’re doing? While the joy in games like VR Chat or Garry’s mod is always that feeling of finally discovering that one great world that finally clicks with you in a horde of bad-mediocre content, not everyone has the free time to spend their precious moments of rest entering and exiting different worlds.

This is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of worlds of various different genres that you can explore. From cozy campfires to hanging out with strangers to a mind-bending psychedelic nightmare, this list will probably include that one kind of fancy you are looking for!

1) Japan Shrine: By ITOAR

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Japan is often regarded by many as one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world, known for its peaceful shrines located in the mountains, the hot springs where you can sit down and relax for a spell, the beautiful cherry blossoms that symbolize the fleeting nature and beauty of life itself. Unfortunately, its not possible for everyone to go and witness Japan’s beauty in person, so its great that world’s like Japan Shrine exist where players can forget about their problems for a while and just relax away from the struggles of the bustling urban life.

2) The Devouring: By Lakuza

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Following a road-trip gone horribly, horribly wrong, Lakuza brings a unique twist in the world of VR chat. Instead of the usual bubbly or relaxing environments you instead get to play a 6 hour VR horror campaign that you can play by yourself or with 4 other partners in co-op.

3) The Great Pug: By Owlboy

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The Great Pug is by far one of the most popular worlds in all of a VR Chat. If you haven’t figured it out by now, its exactly what it says on the tin. A pub where players can come in to relax and have a good time. The pub is a very comforting environment that functions as a bar or a hangout spot. The place is embellished with food and drinks as well as multiple tables and chairs. If you are looking for a world where you can just socialize with other players, you owe it to yourself to check out The Great Pug.

4) The Black Cat: By spookyghostb

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A crossover between a casual bar and a high class restaurant, The Black Cat is just the place to be at if you want to meet colorful individuals. Unlike other VR Chat worlds, The Black Cat goes for a much more realistic grounded look to its environment in order to immerse you into its setting. This is widely considered to be one of the best worlds in VR Chat for a very good reason!

5) Void Club: By Lycon

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Ever wanted to spend time at a nightclub but have always been too intimidated to ever take a step inside? We’ve all been there, thankfully Void Club in VR Chat lets you live out all your boys/girls night out fantasies as long as those fantasies are only limited to being in a Nightclub. Hang around and talk to anyone you find interesting while listening to music, or unleash your inner Kiryu Kazuma and bust a move on the dance floor with the rest!

6) Sky Camp: By Rocktopus

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Do you miss the days when you would hang out with your friends and family while warming your hands in front of a cozy campfire? Do you wish to relive the nice winter days of yore or if you just enjoy the vibe of sitting along a campfire, Sky Camp is the world for you. Its a fairly small map but if you like having meaningful conversations or reminiscing about past memories, Sky Camp is one of the best worlds in all of VR Chat.

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Are you like me and are a fan of the Souls series? Well here’s the world for you. Firelink Shrine was the hub world in Dark Souls 1 where players would often come to rest after fighting their way through the game’s most dangerous adversaries. This map recreates the iconic location from Dark Souls in stunning detail all the while managing to sneak in some very cool surprises for fans of From Software’s games.

And there we go! These are just some of the many amazing worlds present in this game, we hope this list will help you get started and enter the immersive realm of VR Chat!

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