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Ways of War Community Cup - COD Mobile

The second edition of the Ways of War Community Cup has been started. It’s a great tournament for people to compete in order to reach the highest level. The community cup features different teams from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. The teams battle it out as they look to qualify for the semis and hopefully win the final as well.

As the teams compete to become the best in their region, we are here with all the tournament details that you should know about.

Tournament Format

It is going to be a Single Elimination Best-of-3 format. You won’t get a second life if you lose even a single match. Matches will start when both teams join the private room lobby. It’ll start from Round 256 and will eventually come to the quarter and semi finals.

Game Modes and Maps

  • The first mode will be Hardpoint, and it’ll be played on Standoff.
  • The second mode will be Search and Destroy, and it’ll be played on Meltdown.
  • The third and last mode will be Domination, and it’ll be played on Firing Range.

Banned Items

The following in-game items are banned:

  • SMRS (Launcher)
  • Care Package (Scorestreak)
  • Molotov (Lethal)
  • All emotes

If you are caught using any of these, then a warning will be given, and if you’ll use it for a second time then it’ll lead to disqualification and the opposition will be awarded the win.

Ways of War Community Cup - COD Mobile

Results Determination

There won’t be any spectators allowed and the players will have to create the lobby themselves. After the match ends, each player should take screenshot of the result and upload it on the match page within 15 minutes. If neither team posts the result, then the winner will be chosen at random.

Participant Teams

A total of 159 teams signed up for the Ways of War Community Cup from different parts of Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. However, only 146 checked in. After day 1, we have our semifinalists who’ll be competing to win the entire tourney.

  • 1st Semifinal: Klasiko Rampage (MY) vs PDR Reborn (PH)
  • 2nd Semifinal: Digital Devils Esports (PH) vs RTL Gaming (PH)


  • The team winning the Community Cup will be rewarded with 5,000 CP.
  • The runner up team will get 4,000 CP for themselves.
  • For the third placed team, a reward of 3,000 CP has been set.
  • Lastly, the 4th paced team will take 2,000 CP home.

The Ways of War Community Cup sure is a lot competitive and it’s a great tournament for the try-hards to prove they are here to compete at the highest level. The stream for this tournament will be live on Garena Call of Duty Mobile Youtube channel.

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