What Happens If You Stay With Frank Or Not in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 gives you certain options to choose from at every key moment of the main story. While some choices only seem logical, there are always those that spark our curiosity. The game is filled with “What if?” kinds of questions that need to be answered. Please do keep in mind that this article will be filled with major spoilers so read at your own discretion.

The Frank mission was a rollercoaster of a ride where Dying Light 2 made us choose the kind of story we would want. But what happens if you choose a different route? Join us as we show you the outcome for both paths.

What Happens if You Stay With Frank?

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While the idea of leaving Frank for some truck chasing action might sound appealing. It might not be the most ethical thing to do. However, if you did choose to go for the truck, here’s what happens if you didn’t:

  • Juan pulls out the arrow from Frank and assigns you a quest to find Margaret the Healer. The location of the quest is on Culvert Island.
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  • Lawan calls and Aiden tells her about Frank’s condition. In rage, Lawan offers to go for the butcher chase however, Aiden tells her to go for Frank since she should be there with him. He assures her that he will find Margaret and kill the butcher.
  • Aiden finds Margaret and shows her the arrow. Margaret however, asks Aiden if he’s sure that the Renegades did this. Aiden, unpatiently asks her for the antidote, in reply she gives him a jar and the location of the acquatic herbs needed to be given with the antidote.
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  • Aiden locates the herbs as fast as he can before hurrying back to rendevous with Frank and the party.
  • Aiden gives the antidote to Lawan who makes Frank drink all of it. This in turn neutralizes the poison. Seeing the tension stabilizing, Aiden let’s Lawan know about Margaret’s words.
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  • Lawan tries to go to the Renegade’s stronghold but Aiden manages to convince her to stay with Frank while he himself goes to the stronghold.
  • Aiden with the help of Jack gets himself into a thrilling van chase. Which he then uses to get into the stronghold.
  • Meanwhile, Lawan calls to inform Aiden that Frank is safe now but the bodies of the renegades are missing.

What Happens if You Leave Frank

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You saved Frank, Great! but what if you did not? here’s what would actually have happened if you chose to leave frank:

  • Aiden leaves frank and get’s into a chase with the bribed van driver.
  • Aiden reaches the outside while Jack informs him that Frank is gone.
  • Aiden then attempts for find and kill the butcher.

Did you choose to leave Frank or did you attempt to save him? Let us know in the comments below. For more guides like these stay tuned to our website.

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  1. I chose to leave Frank in dying light 2 ,and now I’m f****d in a impossible fight inside a building freeks are way overpowered dead within a minute,no way to go back it’s like groundhog Day die die die and die games going to have to be deleted not starting again I’ve just hit 64 hours and now in completable

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