How to Earn and Use Contracts in WWE 2K22 | MyFACTION Mode

If you are new to WWE 2K22, this article will serve as a beginner’s guide for those who want to see how do contracts work in the game. There are so many different methods to earn contracts, that we will look into later in this article. For those who have questions regarding the options available in the MyFACTION mode, you have come to the right place.

After a delay of a year, 2K has finally launched the much awaited WWE 2K22, which is potentially a full rework of the game engine and fixes a lot of the problems and complaints that hardcore fans had with the previous games in this franchise. Just like with most new games, the launch has not been very smooth as the game still has several bugs and issues – typical 2K style.

How Do I Earn Contracts?

Contracts in WWE 2K22 can be earned in a variety of ways. Some of the ways include the following:

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Lifetime Challenges
  • Briefcase Rewards – earned after winning a Faction Wars match
  • Consumables packs – a reward from multiple MyFaction modes
  • Purchasing them with MyFACTION Points or VC

If you think there are better ways to earn contracts more effectively, and much faster, do let us know your tips below in the comments.

How Do I Use Contracts?

One contract is automatically consumed for the Superstar card being taken into the match. When going into a tag team match with two or more Superstars a contract is consumed for each of them. Contracts are not refunded when losing or quitting from the match through any means.

What if I Run Out of Contracts?

The easiest way to obtain more contracts is by purchasing them with MFP (MyFACTION Points) or VC from either MyFACTION Management or the Active Line-Up screen prior to a match. When obtaining new Superstar cards, they are pre-loaded with a certain amount of contracts based on the rarity of the card.

Do Contracts Work in Any Other Game Mode?

No, contracts are only available in WWE 2K22’s MyFACTION mode. They do not work with other newly released modes in the game.

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  1. Haven’t tried MyFaction, because i keep getting a notification that the servers are unavailable. Maybe because i had 3 days early access, hopefully the servers are more stable once the game actually releases. I khow WWE has always had somewhat bad server connection issues, so hopefully they get it resolved in a timely manner.

  2. It would be nice if you knew what you were talking about instead of just copying and paste the info 2K website. The question above says what happens if I run out of contracts not how do I get more contracts. So the question still remains what happens if you run out of contracts?

    • If you run out of contracts, then the wrestler cannot be used. If you run out of contracts for your entire roster then you can’t play myfaction until you buy and apply the contracts. Majority of the people would already understand the first point which is why the OP is mentioning how to acquire more contracts. But I guess for slow people, what’s the point in knowing how to walk when you struggle with simply standing up right Bud? Try to keep up

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