WWE 2K22: Best Graphics Settings for Maximum Performance

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WWE 2K22 has just been released and the wrestling fans are super excited after the hiatus from 2K20. People across platforms are rejoicing and PC players have to go through the usual graphics settings to run things smoothly. Here we have all the best graphics settings for WWE 2K22.

Here we will discuss the settings to opt for, considering your rig, and what practices you can apply to get the most FPS out of. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out what the best graphics settings are for WWE 2K22. For a list of controls and their settings, we have a guide covering all the PC keyboard controls and controller options.

WWE 2K22 System Requirements

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First things first, please check whether your PC meets the requirements for WWE 2K22. Update the drivers of your graphics card to the latest version. The graphics settings are not so conveniently located in the Extras menu in options, consult the picture below.

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OSWindows 10 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5-3550 / AMD FX 8150 (AVX – Compatible processor)Intel i7-4790 / AMD FX 8350 (AVX – Compatible processor)
Memory8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 480GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon RX 580
DirectXVersion 12Version 12
Storage60 GB available space60 GB available space
Sound CardDirectX 9.0c compatible sound cardDirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Additional NotesAt least 4 GB Video MemoryAt least 6 GB Video Memory
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Best WWE 2K22 Graphics Settings

The system requirements suggest this game is somewhat resource hungry and that might fend off some low-end players, but we have all different tiers covered here so follow along. There is an issue right now where the game automatically selects the texture quality for you and is greyed out so you cant change it to your liking.

Best Low-End Graphics Settings

Texture QualityFor Low-End this will be Standard by default
Screen Resolution1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080 depending on your FPS
Shadow QualityInactive
Shader QualityLow
Audience DensityLowest – GPU dependent
Depth of fieldOff
Motion BlurOff

These graphics settings are ideal for a low-range PC. If you feel like you can turn up the settings a bit, then change settings accordingly.

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Best Mid-Tier Graphics Settings

Texture QualityFor Mid-End this will be High by default
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 or 2560 x 1440 depending on native screen
Shadow QualityMedium
Shader QualityMedium or High
Audience Density25 to 40 – GPU dependent
Depth of fieldOff
Motion BlurOff

These settings will yield the best result for Mid-tier PCs, you can always crank the settings up if you have headroom. For High-end PCs, Ultra settings across the board would suffice.

How to Increase FPS for WWE 2K22

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Here are some tips to further optimize your PC to get better results and more FPS:

  1. Turning on Game Mode in Windows will help out with some stuttering issues.
  2. Turn off the Xbox Game Bar especially when you have Nvidia software to record etc.
  3. Background recording in capture settings should be turned off to save resources for the game.
  4. Turn on the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling if you have a low-tier graphics card
  5. High-Performance power options should be selected for effective resource allocation
  6. For screen tearing force the V-Sync on through your graphics card software (Nvidia or AMD), the option is not available in the game.

Those are the best graphics settings for WWE 2K22. We would love to know what you think of the game so far. Is it better than the last part? Let us know in the comments below what settings you are running the game on and what FPS are you getting.

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