YuGiOh Master Duel Cards Tier List | Season 1 Meta Cards (February 2022)

YuGiOh Master Duel just released, and people cannot get enough of it. There are tons of decks that you can build and cards that you can include in those decks. Specific decks require specific cards. However, some cards go well with all types of decks, regardless of what you plan to build. That is why this guide will take a look at the Yu Gi Oh Master Duel cards tier list.

These cards will be viable in any deck and will hold their own unless something better comes out. After testing out hundreds of cards, we found these ten best. Remember that you might not like these cards since they don’t go with your playstyle. However, we suggest that you try them out in your deck at least once. With that said, let’s dive right in.

Master Duel Cards Tier List (All Decks)

Cards Tier List For All Decks in Yu Gi Oh Master Duel

We have listed down the ten best cards essential in every deck. Regardless of which deck you are building, having these cards in it will ensure that you perform well and defeat your foes. Let us know if you have any other card you think deserves to be on this list.

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Effect Veiler

One of the most critical aspects of YuGiOh is to stop your opponents’ monsters from getting their effects off. This is where this card comes in. Effect Veiler is a hand trap card where you can activate it even if your opponent goes first. During your foe’s main phase, you can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to negate any effect that the enemy monster might have. This lasts until the end of the turn.

Maxx “C”

You might know of this card if you have been watching or playing YuGiOh for a while. It is even banned in the traditional card game as of right now. This card can define the flow of your game; it is that powerful. You can send this card to the graveyard during either player’s turn. Then, you can pick up a card from your deck each time your opponent summons a monster. You can only use 1 Maxx “C” per turn. Considering that it is banned in traditional play, it might even get banned in competitive for Master Duel.

Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring

This card is not only a tuner; it is also highly consistent. It is another hand trap that you can use to negate a quick effect. You can stop a player from adding a card from their deck to their hand. This card covers almost every mechanic in competitive play.

Nibiru, the Primal Being

You have to know when to use this to get the most out of it. We suggest that beginners stay away from this card because you have to know the game very well to use this card effectively. This is one of the best cards to craft – especially against competitive players who love to summon.

Called by the Grave

This card allows you to banish a target card from your opponent’s graveyard. If you want to get rid of a hand trap, we suggest using this card to negate its effects—all of the cards we mentioned before can be denied thanks to Called by the Grave.

Forbidden Droplet

This card allows you to send any number of other cards from your hand or the field to the graveyard. After doing so, you can choose that many effect monsters on your enemy side and reduce their attack by half. Plus, their effects are also negated. You can only activate one Forbidden Droplet per turn.

Infinite Impermanence

You can use this card to target one face-up monster and deny its effects. If you do not control any cards at the moment, you can use this card from your hand. Also, once it successfully activates, it will negate all spell/trap cards in its column. The ideal strategy is to place it in the pendulum zone to deny it.

Imperial Order

This continuous trap card negates all spell effects on the field. To stay on the field, you must pay 700 LP each turn. If you don’t, this card will get destroyed. After activating all of your spells, use this card to stop spells from being cast. It eliminates most decks. However, use it wisely since it costs LP to stay on the field.

Vanity’s Emptiness

When this is played, neither player can use special summons. However, if a card is sent from the deck or the field to the graveyard, you have to destroy this card. Otherwise, it will remain active until destroyed. The ideal way to use this is to special summon a bunch of monsters and then play this card. You will stop your opponent from special summoning a monster, and it will be game over for them.

Droll & Lock Bird

If your opponent is summoning many cards, you can use this to stop them. Neither player can add a card from their main deck to their hand when in play.

Those were the cards that work well with any deck. Let us know in the comments below if your favorite card made the list or not. Also, we would love to know which card you think would be viable with most decks in the game.

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