Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.2a Patch Notes

The developers at Dreamsite Games just pushed out the Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.2a, and here is the patch notes for you. This is a hotfix that aims to fix important bugs that were introduced or missed out in the previous patch. Also, with this hotfix, the developers are working on solving the desync problems that the latest patch seems to produce.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Across the Obelisk patch notes for Update 1.0.2a is covered in the next section. You should be able to download and install this patch right away as it just went live on Steam.

Across the Obelisk Patch Notes: Update 1.0.2a

Here are the official patch notes for Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.2a that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

  • Fixed a bug that was giving a bigger amount of score than expected after a combat corruption was completed when the card reward selection was restored.
  • Fixed a problem with the corrupted versions of Power Coil and Nullifier not granting the proper amount of maximum charges.
  • Fixed a problem with the corrupted version of the Endless Bag not being activated under some circumstances.

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Source: Steam

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