How to Adjust FoV (Field of Vision) in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a fantastic game, as someone who himself has spent over 100 hours playing it, the game is a breathtaking work of art. But unfortunately, with a somewhat rocky technical launch on multiple platforms PC, Elden Ring also lacks a few quality-of-life features that should have been in the game, to begin with.

For one, there is no actual way to customize your FoV which is the “Field-of-View” of the game. Elden Ring’s field of view is tied to 48 by default, which can be very annoying for players who are used to higher FoV options in their games. We have assembled this guide on how you can change your FoV in Elden Ring.

How to Adjust FoV in Elden Ring:

Increasing your FoV in Open-world games can be a great way for exploring and while making changes to this kind of thing can lead to certain issues due to how integral the camera is to the game’s combat and boss fight this is still a fantastic option for players who want to get the most out of the beautiful landscapes of The Lands Between. Changing FoV in Elden Ring requires you to download a simple file from Nexusmods. Simply follow the steps below to change your FoV in Elden Ring:

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  • Download the files from here.
  • Download the Elden Mod Loader.
  • Disable Easy Anti-Cheat using a mod or follow this tutorial: How to Disable EAC
  • Copy the files from Elden Mod Loader inside the “game” folder in the game directory.
  • Copy the files from the FoV mod inside the “game” in the game directory.
  • Edit the FoV value inside “mods\AdjustTheFov\config.ini” to change FoV.

And that’s how you can change your Field of View, We hope this guide helped you out, and for more helpful guides stay tuned right here at our guides section!

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