Age of Empires 4 Bugs, Known Issues and Solutions

Age of Empires 4 is one of the longest-running strategy games out there, and with the Season One just launched yesterday, the game has been very stable as it can be. Initially, the experience was not all that great for many players with a lot of issues coming to light. The game came out on PC and Xbox a couple of months and has suffered from a lot of bugs that have led to a frustrating gaming experience for many players.

During the initial few days the game has been live, many people have come across issues that persist even after the initial testing and patching phase. Although some of these bugs have found a fix, there are many that still plague the game. We have made a list of all the known issues in the game to help players identify them and allow them to avoid these bugs if possible.

Age of Empires 4 Known Issues and Bugs

Here’s an official list of all the Age Of Empires 4 known issues and bugs, announced by Relic Entertainment. The list was last updated on April 8, 2022. If you are facing an issue other than the following ones, please let us know in the comments down below and we’re going to it:


Performance differences between higher-end AMD and Nvidia video cards

The developers are aware of performance differences between higher-end AMD and Nvidia video cards, wherein AMD users may see lowered performance. Their teams are actively working to further optimize impacted AMD video cards.

Crash when pressing a hotkey while using a third party IME

The developers are investigating reports of third party IME programs causing a crash. They recommend using the Microsoft IME while this is investigated.

In-game Insider rewards not yet available.

They will be releasing these rewards late.

Post-match map only visible in certain situations

We’re working to expand upon this feature in our Spring 2022 update. In the meantime, you’re able to view the post-match map in team-based multiplayer matches where you’re eliminated and a teammate continues playing. After elimination, you’ll be able to pan around the map with Fog of War enabled until the game concludes; to proceed to the stats screen, just press “Continue.” We’ll be bringing additional flexibility to this feature in our Spring 2022 update, including having the post-match map screen available for all players after the match concludes, enabling this functionality in vs. AI matches, and allowing players to easily switch between the post-match map and stats screens.

UI Narration is available in English-only

When updating from previous versions of the game using a non-English language, you may find Narrator UI enabled due to previous settings. To disable this, please switch your language temporarily to English to disable the option from settings.


Changes in the terrain through the Fog of War

At times, you may be able to see changes in the terrain through the Fog of War, as a few terrain and topographical items are being worked on.

Mastery progress is not tracked across saves

Mastery progress is not tracked across saves, meaning you cannot partially complete a Mastery, save, load and then unlock the Mastery.

Civilization Specific

Lodya Attack Ships currently receive more health than they should

Lodya Attack Ships (Rus civilization) currently receive additional health if built after researching the Armored Hull upgrade.

As always, we will be updating you about the patch notes that the game puts out and hopefully the upcoming ones will be able to address the above-mentioned issues. You can also join the Age Of Empire Forums to report any bugs you personally have encountered. Have you been facing an issue we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Age Of Empire 4 is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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