How To Fix “String not found” Bug in Age of Empires 4

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Age of Empires 4 has been developed by Relic Entertainment, captivating Age of Empires fans from all around the world. Even though the RTS classic features great visual and audio improvements, the game has also fallen victim to a bug prompting “String not found” everywhere in the game.

Age of Empires 4 has been facing plenty of issues since its launch and the “String not found” bug has been annoying players who’ve been waiting for the game since 2005. The error message appears everywhere in the game including the menu and title screens.

How to fix the “String not found” Bug in Age of Empires 4

After stressing about the error prompt for a good whole day, community members have reached to the conclusion that the error mainly arises due to conflicts with your computer’s language settings. The players pointed out that changing the language setting to English automatically fixes the error and removes all instances of ‘String [$11168262] not found”.

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Fixing the “String not found” Bug

If you’re on Steam, here’s how you can set your language to English in order to solve the issue:

  • Open your Steam Library and click on Age of Empires 4
  • Next, you need to select Properties
  • Click on the Language tab
  • Search and choose English from the menu
  • Files for English language will be automatically downloaded after this.

Here’s how you can fix the error if you’ve acquired the game from Microsoft Store or the Xbox App:

  • Close all other apps and open Windows Settings
  • Open the Time & language setting and then click on Language
  • Now you need to set the Windows Display Language to English (United States)
Age of Empires bug
  • If you cannot find English (United States), you can go over to the Preffered Languages section and add it manually
  • If you can see the language under the Preferred languages section, simply drag it to the top of the list to change Age of Empires 4’s language

This should fix up your Age of Empires 4 and remove any instances of the error prompt. Age of Empires 4 has been faced with plenty of bugs since its launch. What problems are you facing while running the game?

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