All Facility Locations In Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2’s open world is massive content-wise and some locations have significance towards the story of the game and building faction bonds. These facilities are the Water Tower and Electrical Stations which are explained in this article so you can find them easily.

These Facilities can not be missed and are accessible regardless of the player’s progression and can be done even after the story is done in Free-Roam. Some are completed through the main story route while others are part of the open-world discovery. Leveling up fast will let the player solve these locations with much ease.

What are Facilities in Dying Light 2?

Facilities in Dying Light 2 are either Water Towers or Electrical Stations. With Water Towers the player must ascend to the top, they are basically platforming puzzles and turn a Valve to capture the facility. Electrical Stations is where the player has to connect cables to a generator to turn the lights on for the area.

There are a total of 7 of these Facilities and 3 of them are completed through the story progression while 4 are optional side quest. These optional facilities can be done for the faction of your choice and would result in the player receiving side quest of the selected faction.

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Horseshoe Water Tower

image 36

This water tower is part of the main story line the 8th main quest “Water Tower

Downtown Electrical Station

all facility locations in Dying Light 2

This electrical station is part of the main story line the 11th main quest “A Place to Call Home

Garrison Electrical Station

image 37

This electrical station is part of the main story line the 16th main quest “A Place to Call Home

Houndfield Electrical Station

image 38

Inside the Houndfield Electrical Station, there are 2 breakers numbered 1 & 2 respectively, you have to connect them both accordingly. One of the breakers is located on the first and one on the second floor of the building. After reconnecting the breakers make your way to the control tower to assign the tower to the faction of your choice.

Wharf Water Tower

image 39

Wharf Tower is an amazing platforming puzzle beautifully or eerily themed as pipework. Using the pipes and given ledges make your way to the topmost room i.e. the control room and give your desired faction the reigns to this facility.

Saint Paul Electrical Station

image 40

Saint Paul Electrical Station has A, B, C, and 1, 2,3 breakers and all of them need to be connected to their counter part. Each one of the breakers will have one side under the water and the other on each floor of the building. Would require a bit of effort from the player side to locate each. Once connected the elevator can be used to reach the control room and the station can be assigned to your favorite faction.

Saint Paul Water Tower

image 41

Saint Paul Water Tower would be easier to climb if you invest in Tic Tac, Wall Run, Wall Run Jump Skills. With these skills equipped use them to scale the water tower form the outside and make your way to the top where the control tower is located and assign the tower to the faction of choice.

Dying Light 2 has a lot to offer and requires the player to be vigilant when traversing through this hellish landscape. Players can allocate their skills correctly to make this adventure easier. Or you can look for a fast travel location to skip the hassle of constantly being afraid of the dangers in your way. Click here to see what dangers roam the streets of Dying Light 2.

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