PUBG New State: All Vehicles List (Gasoline and Electric Cars)

PUBG New State is about to be dropped globally and fans are very excited about all the new content that would be coming along with it, especially the vehicles added. As the game claimed to have taken a futuristic theme, fans expect to see some very innovative vehicle designs being added to the game. So, we decided to sate their curiosity and have designed the complete list of all vehicles being added to the game.

Along with the addition of new weapons, drones, and gameplay changes, PUBG: New State is to introduce electric vehicles to the game in addition to the pre-existing gasoline vehicles. We have created a complete list of the automobiles that would be making their way in the upcoming games, and trust us, some of them look straight out of the future.

List of PUBG New State Vehicles

Transportation has been a big part of the PUBG franchise, especially when you are on the run from cursed “BLUE”. Here is a list of all the vehicles that are being added to the game that is soon to be released globally:

Gasoline Vehicles

Sticking with what works, PUBG: New State has a fair number of traditional gasoline vehicles in the mix, variants of which you may have already seen in the prequel.





Electric Vehicles

However, you aren’t here for the boring gasoline vehicles we have had in almost all games, you are here to take a look at what the future holds for us and how PUBG has decided to bring it to life. So here is the list of all the electric vehicles being added to the game.






914 1



The electric cars in the game will be powered by batteries which can be found through the game map. However, when working with an electric car, you need to take note of a few things.

  • Electric cars accelerate faster than gasoline ones by making use of their boost but it will eat up the battery quickly.
  • Driving in the blue zone depletes the battery faster.
  • Electric cars are quieter than the gasoline ones.

Are you excited about all the new content that is making its way to PUBG: New State? Let us know in the comments.

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