How to Win as Impostor in Among Us | Best Tips and Strategies

Among Us is the newest gaming sensation that has taken the world by storm. With its fun cartoony graphics and cheeky animations. There’s no one that can deny the charm this game has. Group up with 10 friends and hop on a call on Discord, and you’ll be sure to have a blast. Previously, we gave you our best tips on how to be a better Crewmate, this time you get to learn how to wreak havoc as an Impostor; without being caught.

In this game, players are either randomly selected as a Crewmate or an Impostor. The Crewmate is tasked with completing some objectives according to the rules of the game while also grouping up and trying to iron out the Impostor. The Impostor’s goal is to kill everyone before they complete their tasks and to do so discretely so they don’t get voted out.

Best Among Us Impostor Strategies:

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on specific strategies and general tips you can utilize in order to win as an Impostor. These are basic tips which most players tend to forget so keep a habit of doing them in every match.

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The Impostor role is generally the more fun and technically demanding role to play since the odds will always be stacked against you. This means that players must take calculated risks and use their entire tool-kit in order to ensure they can have a high impact in the game. So, here are the best strategies and tips you can use to achieve just that:

Go To The Common Tasks First

Among US Common Task

Like we mentioned in our Crewmate guide, it is extremely important for Crewmates to stick together the first 1-2 minutes of the game as this is when they are the most vulnerable. If you, as an Impostor, go any other place you’ll surely be a prime suspect in everyone’s eyes.

Vent With Caution!

Among US Impostor Venting

Venting is something exclusive to Impostors, it allows you to quickly travel from one part of the map to the other. However, when you are in a 10 player lobby with 8 players against you; most of the time Impostors are bound to be caught venting which gets them kicked out instantly. Therefore, we recommend sparingly using vents only to hide after killing someone rather than travel with it.

Always Sabotage With Purpose

Among Us Sabotage

Players have a habit of using the Sabotage option just because it is off cooldown. This is never recommended as it will always leave you without the option when you need the most. The best items we recommend sabotaging will always be Lights, O2, and Comms. This is because it splits up all of the players and makes it easier for Impostors to get a clean kill.

Take Advantage Of Your Numbers

Among Us Impostor Dying

Okay, we get it, your confused; we just said that you will always be at a disadvantage. But, this isn’t always the case. Most times, you can plan a sneaky double kill with your partner in crime. These kills are extremely efficient and are very hard to detect as two voices are instantly taken out from the game.

To Each His Own!

Emergency Meeting Among Us

Here’s a controversial tip. Never defend your fellow Impostor if he gets caught! It’s a sure way to get kicked out of the next round as well. Think about it, if your one of the few people backing one person up that probably means you don’t want them kicked out. This is especially suspicious if the person being kicked out is an Impostor.

This concludes our tips on how to win as an Impostor in Among Us. We’ll be talking about specific advanced strategies next, so stay tuned for that! And if you missed our best Among Us Crewmate strategies, check them out.

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