How to Win as Crewmate in Among Us | Best Tips and Strategies

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Ah, Among Us. The game that has utterly swept the entire gaming community with its basic cartoony graphics but extremely fun gameplay. While the game seems simple; it is quite fun to play with a group of 10 friends. Today, we’ll be giving you an overview of how to be an effective Crewmate and win most of your matches in this game of wits.

Players are randomly selected as either a Crewmate or an Impostor. A Crewmate has to complete their tasks and try to figure out who the Impostor is while doing so. An Impostor has to try and eliminate Crewmates without being voted or kicked out before they finish their tasks. This adds a sense of mystery and urgency to the game.

Best Among Us Crewmate Strategies:

We’ll be covering specific strategies on how you can win as Crewmate. We will discuss basic things you should look out for as a Crewmate and how you can be a more effective member and lead your faction to victory!

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These tips are quite simple to understand but they must be implemented with consistency in every game so try to develop a habit of performing them as soon as the game starts. So, let’s start with the best Among Us crewmate strategies:

Perform Your Common Tasks First

Perform Your Common Tasks First - Win as Crewmate

Crewmates are extremely vulnerable at the start of the game as no one has gone up to the security rooms yet. This means that it is very likely that an Impostor can get away with killing Crewmates who are away from the herd. Try to complete your common tasks first so that everyone can develop some positional awareness.

Always Man The Security Room

Always Man The Security Room - How to Win as Crewmate in Among Us

Always designate one crewmate to man the security room at all times. This member does their tasks last when they can be covered in case of an attack. Having only one Crewmate man the cameras ensures that an Impostor can’t lie about checking cams. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of security for Crewmates throughout the game.

Sacrifice Yourself!

Sacrifice Yourself! - Among Us

Imagine this scenario, you see an Impostor kill someone in cold-blood; you report the dead body but the Impostor ends up throwing you out since you couldn’t make your case well enough. This is bound to happen throughout the game. However, if you offer to sacrifice yourself i.e telling everyone to vote you out if the person you accuse isn’t an Impostor, it adds a layer of confidence to your case.

Look Out For Visual Tasks

Look Out For Visual Tasks by Crewmate

While competitive lobbies have turned this setting off. Most lobbies especially casual ones allow players to see if certain tasks have been completed as they trigger a very specific animation. The scan in Medbay and throwing the trash in Cafetaria both are examples of visual tasks. Keep a lookout for them, if you see an Impostor standing next to these but don’t see an animation triggering, run for the emergency button!

Group Up In Sabotages

Group Up In Sabotages - How to Win as Crewmate in Among Us

Arguably, the most vulnerable phase for the Crewmates is when a Sabotage event is triggered. This is meant to split up the remaining Crewmates for a clean and easy kill on an unsuspecting victim. This system can be cheated by simply sticking together especially in O2 and Reactors. Doing this will ensure that atleast 2 people are in line-of-sight of someone else at any given moment.

This concludes our tips on how to win as a Crewmate in Among Us. We’ll be covering Impostors next, so stay tuned for that!

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