How to Check Apex Legends Server Status and Downtime

Apex Legends offers an online Battle Royale mode, and like with every online game, you may face server and connectivity issues here and now. Although there may be many fixes pertaining to your server problem, we must start off by ruling out the possibility of the issue being from the developer’s side.

Fixing up your server issues usually starts off by checking the official server status, restarting your router, flushing your DNS, and if all fails, submitting a support ticket to Apex Legends. Anyhow, checking the server status should be your first step.

Apex Legends: Check Server Status

Servers usually face downtime due to scheduled maintenance or crumble under high load from users. However, there are a number of ways through which you can figure out if your server problems originate from the developer’s end.

How to Check Server Status:

Here are all the ways by which you can find out if the Apex Legends servers are up and running or not

  • You can check out the official Twitter account for Apex Legends for any tweet regarding server repairs or outages.
  • You can also have a quick look at the fan-made Apex Legends status website showing the server conditions of each region. The website differentiates servers based upon regions and platforms.
  • Finally, you can check Steam’s stats page for Apex Legends which shows the concurrent players in the past 48 hours. If the graph seems to take a noticeable dip, you can deduce that a number of players might be unable to connect to the Apex Legends servers.

If the servers are up and running, we’d suggest restarting your internet or submitting a support ticket on Apex Legend’s official website. What issues are you facing in Apex Legends? Comment below and maybe we could help you out!

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