Barrier Stone Locations in Ghostwire: Tokyo for Blindness Quest

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a relatively easy approach to quest objectives where you most often than not have to defeat Visitors (Yokai) or head to a certain location. But sometimes a quest can pop up which can put a damper to your spirit, get it! Another tedious thing to find is all the landmarks strewn about the map, which we have nicely listed down for you.

One such annoying quest that stops you in your tracks is the Blindness quest in Chapter 3. After a Torii Gate fails to get cleansed the players are blocked off in a barrier and to remove it they have to find four Barrier Stones. Where they are and how to get them is mentioned in this article.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Barrier Stone Locations for Blindness Quest

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The moment the Torii gate malfunctions a whole section of the map is surrounded by a barrier and to make things worse the players are tasked to find the four Barrier Stones within a 15-minute time limit. Though this sounds like ample time the aforementioned stones are not marked on the map and have to be located by using the Spectral Vision and physically finding them.

Once you destroy all of the Stones the barrier will go down and you can continue with your story. It is advised that you use your Spectral Vision in this quest as the Barrier Stones are highlighted with a orange outline when using this. We will make things easy for you and list them down right here.

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Barrier Stone 1 location

image 105

The first Barrier Stone is literally straightforward to find, as it’s floating just in front of you. Keep going forward from where the quest begins from the Torii gate and you should see it.

Barrier Stone 2 location

image 108

The next Barrier Stone is floating in the air near the southwest side of the Torii Gate. Look up to the sky and grapple the Tengu to make your way onto the roof, then shoot it down.

Barrier Stone 3 location

image 106

Here’s another Barrier Stone that’s up on a water tank on the roof. To get to this one, head to the northwest side of the barrier and use the fire escape stairs, seen in the picture, outside a nearby building or glide across using a Tengu.

Barrier Stone 4 location

image 107

The final Barrier Stone is floating in the sky on top of a house roof on the east side of the barrier. Follow the road east from the Torii gate then look to the sky, you can shoot it from the ground.

Did you find this guide helpful? Did you easily spot the Barrier Stone? Comment below and let us know.

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