How to Summon a Tengu Anywhere in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Denuvo

Ghostwire Tokyo features this iconic city in a very opposite dystopian manner, where in reality the city is bustling with people but in this rendition, the city is eerily devoid of humans and replaced with Yokai and Oni from traditional Japanese folklore. We have already covered how long it would take you to finish the main story campaign of the game, so you better start early.

The game is to be praised for its lifelike recreation of Tokyo with all its lights and key locations along with the details even in the back alleys are downright identical to the real thing. With so many huge buildings and skyscrapers, one might wonder will we be allowed to access such heights. And we have got the answer right here.

Summon a Tengu in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Summoned Tengu

In a recent showcasing of the game, it was revealed that the way players reach these tops is through these Tengu that are located on some buildings’ roofs. Players can grapple onto them and make their way up the building. These Tengu are easily visible with Spectral Vision, but these are what the game provides and are few and far in between. The city is riddled with buildings that don’t have these Tengu.

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In these situations, you can summon your very own Tengu on top of any building you would like to scale. The way you summon a Tengu is by purchasing the Amenotori X upgrade from the skill tree which costs 7 Magamata and 45 Skill Points. This lets you gain access to any rooftop you want to visit or add to your sneaking patterns. Though keep in mind this ability is for the late game where you have progressed much of the story.

Ghostwire Tokyo 31 scaled 1

The rooftops in Ghostwire Tokyo house many rewards and upgrades and some unique spirit interactions so it’s advised to climb as many buildings as you can and view the elevated side of Tokyo. To get a visual representation of the skill, check this clip from the developers of the game.

Isn’t this a unique ability in Ghostwire Tokyo? Do you like the way they have created the city of Tokyo in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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