Battlefield 2042 Achievements / Trophies for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

battlefield 2042 achievements

Battlefield 2042 is certainly a change in pace as compared to previous iterations of the franchise. With the game releasing on November 19, achievements for Battlefield 2042 have been taken off from Origin. It can be presumed that Trophies for both the PS4 and PS5 will also be the same. However, we still aren’t sure what achievement will belong to which trophy tier.

With system requirements already out, it is clear that DICE wishes to make the game as inclusive as possible. With achievements that are relatively easy to get, the title might end up being more beginner-friendly than we initially thought. You can find all the achievements and trophies for Battlefield 2042 down below.

All Battlefield 2042 Achievements and Trophies

Here’s a list of all the achievements and trophies currently expected to be coming out for Battlefield 2042. The developers might certainly add in some more as we inch closer towards release!

Achievements / TrophiesDescription (How To Unlock)
Luck of the IrishReach Player Level 25
I’m Five by Vie, BEarn a Ribbon III of each type
Clean ExitSuccessfully extract in Hazard Zone without anyone in the squad having died
CQC SpecialistPerform 20 melee kills in one round
DeadshotPerform 20 headshot kills in one round
Making Dunn ProudReach Player Level 15
Dead in their tracks!Get a quad-kill while defending an objective
The Winner Takes AllWin 42 rounds across all game modes
Universal SoldierEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Specialist
Gun MasterEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Weapon
Wheeled WarriorEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Vehicle
Jack of all TradesEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Gadget or Throwable
Doze ThisPerform 7 kills in one life with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield
Good CompanyEarn first place as a squad
ShowoffOutstanding performance achieved
Adapt and OvercomeReach Player Level 5
Command and Conquest Capture 100 objectives in Conquest
Escape ArtistSuccessfully extract 25 times in Hazard Zone
Pack RatSuccessfully extract with 50 Data Drives in Hazard Zone
Aerial DestroyerDestroy an air vehicle with a rocket launcher while parachuting
A bird? A plane?Wingsuit fly from the Rocket Hangar to the LaunchPad on Orbita
Going PlacesTravel for 1000m in one round with Mackay’s Grappling Hook
B Gun’s DryInflict 2500 damage in one round while defending objectives using Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun
Doctor Falck in the houseHeal 3000 points of damage within a single round with Faick’s S21 Syrette Pistol
Happy BirthdayCall in 15 Loadout Crates with Angel
Squad WiperKill 500 enemy soldiers while not in a Vehicle
War MachineKilled 50 enemies while in Vehicles
Tool TimeRepair 1000 damage on Vehicles in one round
Wrecking CrewDestroy 50 Vehicles
No one gets left behindRevive 100 teammates
Thank you, SantaResupply 50 teammates
Foot SoldierTravel 25 km without using vehicles
One Careful OwnerPerform roadkill with an air vehicle
BurnoutTravel 15km using ground vehicles

How do you like the achievements in the game? Do you think they’re too easy? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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