Best Jonah Vasquez Build in Dead By Daylight (High Damage)

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The latest chapter of Dead By Daylight, Portrait of a Murder, has brought in a completely new survivor, Jonah Vasquez and this guide will help you find the best build for the character. Jonah comes along with a new exhaustion perk that has proven to be extremely helpful during our gameplay of the survivor.

Dead By Daylight has grown so much over the years with the continuous addition of killers and survivors. This has led to a vast number of builds and counter builds being brought to the game. The update brought in a new killer by the name, The Artist, however, this guide will be focusing more on the new survivor that has been added, and the best build for them.

Jonah Vasquez: Best Dead By Daylight Build

Jonah Vasquez comes with an amazing perk, known as overcome that allows you to run faster after taking a hit from the killer, however, you do end up suffering from exhaustion after you have sprinted. This guide will help you incorporate this perk into building the best survivor that can never get caught.

Perk 1: Overcome

The first perk that we will be equipping is the very rare Jonah Vasquez perk, Overcome, that allows survivors to run extremely fast for 2 seconds after being hit by the killer. However, you become exhausted after the sprint has ended and you cannot use Overcome if you are under the effect of exhaustion.

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Perk 2: Windows Of Opportunity

The second perk we will be using will be the very rare perk from Kate Denson, which allows you to locate pallets, breakable walls, and vault locations in 32 meters of your surrounding. Don’t worry this will make more sense later on.

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Perk 3: Vigil

The third perk that we will be using for this build is Vigil that allows you to get rid of debuffs, including exhaustion 30% faster if you are within 8 meters of your allies. This will help us get rid of the Overcome Exhaustion faster.

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Perk 4: Lithe

And finally, the last perk we will need is Lithe, which allows you to sprint at a speed of 150% of our normal speeds after performing a rushed vault. However, you do suffer from exhaustion.

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How Does It Work?

For the build to work, you would first need to tank a hit from the killer. This will allow you to trigger overcome allowing you to get massive distance from the killer and get near an allied survivor to get rid of the exhaustion faster. You can also make use of Windows of Opportunity to find vaulting locations to activate Lithe and run even farther away. This will allow you to take the aggro from your teams while running out of sight as soon as you get hit, making you nigh uncatchable.

So what do you think of this build? Did it strike your curiosity? Will you be testing it out in your runs? Let us know in the comment section below

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