Dead By Daylight’s “Portrait of a Murder” Chapter Out Now

Dead by Daylight allows the players to either play as a killer and hunt other people or play as a survivor to hide from the killer and escape. With the introduction of the latest update – Portrait of a Murder – there are new additions that change the gameplay. Let’s find out all the new changes coming in the Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder.

Whether you are a fan of playing as a killer or a survivor, this update will have something for everyone. With the introduction of a new killer, a survivor, and a whole new map, let’s take a look at everything new coming in Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder.

Everything New in Dead by Daylight: Portrait of a Murder

This guide will give you a detailed breakdown of all the abilities of the new characters as well as give you a brief rundown of the new map. Are the abilities of the killer as unique as her appearance? Let’s find out in the next section!

The Artist – Carmina Mora

The Artist Perks

With the introduction of this latest update, we got a look at the new killer – Carmina Mora. Needless to say, everyone is excited to play as her especially due to the teaser that we got about her abilities. However, we have the complete list of her abilities just for you, Make sure that you understand her abilities so you can get an edge over other players.

Her ability – BIRDS OF TORMENT – allows you to charge an attack and summon a Dire Crow. You can potentially summon a couple of crows to extend their total duration. Using these crows allows you to reveal nearby survivors and attack them to deal a little bit of damage. You can also use the crows to swarm the survivor to mark their location. These crows can be destroyed by flashlights, flash grenades, and firecrackers.

Jonah Vasquez – Survivor

Survivor Perks

Jonah Vasquez is the newest survivor introduced in the Portrait of Murder update. He has primarily three perks that make him stand out from the other survivors. His first perk, Overcome, allows you to keep running fast for a few seconds after being injured. This perk lets you get out of sticky situations.

Corrective Action is a useful perk that converts other players failed attempts into positive ones. This makes turning on generators extremely easy as you can turn a few of your partner’s failed attempts into good ones.

Finally, Boon: Exponential allows you to activate this ability next to a Hex Totem and create a Boon Totem. This gives recovery speed to you and your team which can help everyone avoid deadly situations.

All in all, Jonah is a supportive character that excels when playing with a proper team. You can heal your team and turn on generators really quickly without fail.

That’s everything you need to know about the latest update of Dead by Daylight Portrait of Murder. There is a new map called Eyrie of Crows but we do not have enough information regarding that as of yet. Make sure that you check out the full patch notes for this new update to know about all the changes.

However, we are excited to play as the new killer and try out her abilities. We would love to know what you think of this new update coming to Dead by Daylight in the comments below.

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