Best Graphics Settings in League of Legends: Wild Rift for High Performance

League of Legends: Wild Rift has recently been put into its regional open beta phase. In it, players can play the game if they are in a specific region. Currently, the beta is open only for South East Asian players. Riot has optimized the game really well for all mobile platforms. However, today we’re going to be taking a look at the best graphics settings for the game.

Wild Rift has implemented a lot of customization options for each individual setting. Some deal a larger hit on performance than others while not increasing visual fidelity by much. The recommended settings that we’re about to show should solve most over-heating and lagging issues that players are currently facing.

Best Graphics Settings for Wild Rift

Wild Rift Main Menu

These graphics settings for Wild Rift have been thoroughly tested by us at BRGeeks, it ensures smooth 60 FPS gameplay while making the game look good as well. We’re going to be mentioning special settings you can play around with to ensure even better performance.

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These are our recommended graphics settings:

Wild Rift Graphics Settings

Open settings and tap on the ‘Graphics’ tab and copy these settings.

  • Shadow Quality: High (Drop it down to medium on lower-end devices.)
  • Model Quality: Medium
  • 60 FPS: On
  • Texture Quality: High (Drop it down to low on lower-end devices.)
  • Effects Quality: High
  • Resolution: High (Keep it on Medium on WQHD+ Devices)
Wild Rift Graphics Settings
  • Post-Processing: Off
  • Interface Animations: On
  • Map Brightness: Personal preference
  • Screen Edge Offset: Max
  • Floating Text: On
  • Character Inking: Off
  • FOV Brightness: Personal Preference

These graphics settings should ensure 60 FPS gameplay on all high-end devices.

This concludes our article on the best graphics settings for performance in Wild Rift. Do you agree with our recommendations? Let us know in the comments down below.

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