Best Halo Infinite Sensitivity Settings for Mouse / Keyboard

Best Halo Infinite Settings

Halo Infinite offers players with a lot of customization options according to their preference. This guide will cover the best Halo Infinite settings for PC players. Whether you want to play the campaign or multiplayer, these settings will allow you to have an edge over your competitors.

Keep in mind that these settings are mostly applicable to PC users and can be used in both singleplayer as well as multiplayer. Regardless of which mode you play, you’ll perform really well. Let’s get started with the best Halo Infinite settings.

Halo Infinite – Best Keyboard / Mouse Settings

There are tons of options that you can adjust according to your requirements. This guide will cover all the keyboard, mouse, and sensitivity settings. While these are the best settings according to us, you might have a different point of view. With that said, let’s discuss the best keyboard and mouse settings.

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Best Halo Infinite Settings (Sensitivity & Keyboard / Mouse)

Best Halo Infinite Settings

A lot of the settings in this category are going to be different for almost every player. However, after trying out tons of various options, we found these to be the best:

Invert LookOff (This setting is entirely based on your preference)
Invert FlightOn (Most players prefer inverted flight controls)
Hold to CrouchOff
Hold to ZoomOn
Hold to SprintOn
Maintain SprintOn
Auto ClimberOn
Step JumpOn
Mouse MagnetismOff (This is like an aim assist but it messes up our aim)
Movement Assisted SteeringOn

As mentioned earlier, it is perfectly ok if you do not like these settings. However, we suggest that you give them a try and see if it improves your performance or not.

Best Sensitivity Settings

Usually, the lower your sensitivity, the more precise your aim will be. However, Halo Infinite is a fast-paced game that features action left, right, and centre. For that, you will want to have a decent sensitivity setting that doesn’t feel too slow or too fast.

Mouse Sensitivity1-2
Vertical Sensitivity Scale1 (Can be bumped a little higher)
Horizontal Sensitivity Scale1
Zoom Sensitivity1-2 (Same as your base sensitivity)
Mouse AccelerationOff

These are all the mouse, keyboard, and sensitivity settings featured in Halo Infinite. Try these out and let us know in the comments below if you liked them or not. We would love to know what your settings are as well!

If you are facing any bugs or issues on your PC, try turning off the Async Compute to improve your performance.

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