Best Minecraft PVP Servers (2022)


So you’ve been getting into Minecraft a lot and wanted to get more out of the game with many of the fun community-made servers, and more so you’re looking for one where you could do PVP? Well, worry not, as you’ve come to the right place for we’ve assembled this guide on some of the best and highly populated PvP servers you can find in Minecraft in 2022.

Minecraft’s appeal is that it can be played in several ways and imagination is the only limiting factor here. Considering this the community has come up with some amazing creations for the PVP side as well and here you can read our guide on the best PVP servers you can play on this year.

Best PVP Servers for Minecraft:

Following are some of the best and most populated PVP servers you can find in Minecraft in 2022:


best minecraft pvp servers

LemonCloud is one of the most active and highly rated PvP servers in Minecraft that offers a whole host of wacky game modes for you to enjoy like Factions, Skyblock, Skywars, and much more!


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OP Blocks

best minecraft pvp servers1

Another highly rated and highly popular PvP server in Minecraft is OP Blocks. OP Blocks features a lot of unique game modes with a very friendly and welcoming community!


best minecraft pvp servers2

Another fantastic PvP server with tons of players, ranges a host of new and entertaining game modes like Earth Survival, Bedwar, Factions and a lot more to discover if you’re up for it!


Complex Gaming:

best minecraft pvp servers3

Another fantastic server with a great community. Complex Gaming offers a wide variety of modes like Pixelmon, Prison, Survival and much more.


Mineland Network:

Screenshot 91

An expansive server featuring over 1000 games, Mineland Network has a little something for everyone *cough*. It also allows players to create their own custom games within Minecraft, so the possibilities are endless!


There you go! These are all the best servers you need to know about for Minecraft PvP in 2022, we hope this helped you out and stay tuned for more content from our guides section!

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