Best Secret Vehicles in Far Cry 6: How to Get Them

Far Cry 6 has a wide assortment of vehicles, and there are some that you definitely don’t wanna miss out on. The game provides a dense world, alive with personalities and vehicles creating havoc. Each automobile has its own set of gadgets and weapons allowing you to unleash your inner Dominic Torreto.

Although Far Cry 6 has uncountable vehicles, ranging from rusty cars on the roadside to 1962 Verazzano’s, we’ll be highlighting the best secret vehicles you can find. All you’ve gotta do to is complete a couple of missions, and maybe blow off a guerrilla fighter here and there!

Secret Vehicles in Far Cry 6

From fighting off a fort filled with enemies to stealthily stealing rides to winning races for earning the ride, Far Cry 6 has gone all out to keep the experience immersive and interesting. While you’ll find normal cars in the wild, you would probably miss out on some of the sweet rides the game has to offer.

Tank – Military Vehicle

Far cry 6 vehicle

You can find the tank in the North-Western part of the starting Island, in a place called FND Tank Depo. Once you reach there, you’ll need to take out some enemies before you can safely scan the tank. Once you’re in, you’ll need to drive the tank down to a Vehicle Pickup Point. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to capture the Vehicle Control Point base in order to park it safely.

1962 Verrazzano Bravo

Far cry 6 vehicle

You’ll be able to find this car after completing any of the various Gran Premio race challenges scattered across Yara. It’s one of the fastest rides in Far Cry 6 and will be automatically rewarded to you as soon as you finish the Jett Ski race.

Yami’s 2008 KAG TG

Far cry 6 vehicle

 This armored truck will be unlocked once you complete the Yaran Story mission Backseat Driver. This mission can be found at Yami’s Chop Shop, located in the Madrugada Region in northern Costa Del Mar. If you’re unable to see the side-mission, you’ll have to do a couple of missions in the Madrugada Region first. Once you’re done with the mission, open up the garage to immediately find the car.

1985 Tokai Sabuku

Far cry 6 vehicle

To access the vehicle, you’ll need to travel over to the high-level area of La Joya in the far east of the map. You should be searching for a small FND Storage Facility in the northern part of La Joya in the Catalina Ridge area. To access the vehicle, climb one of the heavy machines to jump inside a window and make your way to the armored truck.

Avispa Buzzer

Far Cry 6 Vehicle

One of the best helicopters in the game can be found by visiting the Guerrilla Hideout in Sierra Perdida to the West. Then you simply need to travel to the East, to Hideout Filin, and get inside the Buzzer. If it’s not there on your first visit, you may need to purchase the first Hideout Network base upgrade.

There are tons of other cool and fun vehicles to drive in Far Cry 6, however, these are the best ones we could find. If you want to experience the vehicles in their true glory, try tweaking some Graphics Settings for optimum performance!

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