Best Settings for Free Fire MAX (2022 Guide)

Free Fire MAX is a visually enhanced version of the original Garena Free Fire, allowing players to crank up the settings for better visual flare. The game was only recently released on Sept. 28, featuring a variety of unique features along with Ultra HD Textures and better graphics overall.

However, increasing up the settings to match isn’t always the best decision for your system. This guide will be explaining the best settings in Free Fire MAX, focusing on balanced visual settings along with highlighting the most popular controls layout used by pro players of the game.

Best Free Fire Max Settings

Free Fire MAX allows users to customize their playing experience and crank up the visuals for some beautiful scenery. However, High Graphics takes a toll on the game’s FPS so it’s always better to keep a balance while adjusting your settings.

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Sensitivity Settings

These settings are the most popular amongst players, however, you can always adjust the sensitivity according to your own comfort-ability.

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 95-100
  • 2x Scope: 81-86
  • 4x Scope: 57-62
  • Sniper Scope: 48-53
  • Free Look: 76-81
Free Fire Max Settings

General sensitivity is for movement and hip fire and should be kept as high as possible. The scope sensitivity and higher zooming power should be tweaked in decreasing order.

Controls Settings

These controls are the most common among pro players. There are a number of layouts players play with, like the 4-finger claw and 2-fingers thumb layout. At the end, it is completely up to you how you want to set the screen controls and their settings.

  • Aim Precision : Default
  • Left Fire Button : Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch : On
  • Quick Reload : On
  • Hold Fire to Scope : On
  • Grenade Slot : Double Slot
  • Vehicle Control : Two Handed
  • Auto Parachute : On
  • Run Mode: Classic
  • In-game Tips : Default
  • Kills Notifications : Simplified
  • Damage Indicator : New
  • Auto Gun Switch : On
  • Visual Effects : Dark
  • Free Look : Off
  • Hitmarker : New
  • Teammate Info : Translucent
  • CUSTOM HUD – This is used to customize the screen layout and boost efficiency. Change it to your comfortiblity
Free Fire Max Settings
Free Fire Max Settings

Auto Pickup Settings

Auto Pickup feature is super convenient when you are in a battle or a tight spot, and you are about to run out of ammo. This will allow you to quickly pick up weapons and other loot so no time is watsed after dropping into the map. Use these Auto Pickup settings for efficient gameplay:

  • Weapons : On
  • Armor and Backpacks : On
  • Medkits : On
  • Ammo : On
  • Attachments : On
  • Grenades : On
  • Special Equipment : Off
  • Event Items : On
  • Auto Pickup Speed : Fast
  • FF Token : On
Free Fire Max Settings

Display Settings

Looking to squeeze out that maximum FPS and graphics performance from your Android or iOS phone? You need to follow these graphics settings for optimal performance:

  • Graphics : Standard
    • High Resolution : Normal
    • Shadow : On
  • Auto Scale : Off
  • Minimap : Rotating
  • High FPS : Normal
  • Notch Screen : Off
Free Fire Max Settings

Sound Settings

You can adjust sound settings as per your own preference. However, make sure to lower Music as it helps in efficient hearing.

  • Music : 0
  • Sound Effects : 100
  • Voice : 60
Free Fire Max Settings


There are some of the unique settings offered in Free Fire Max. They follow on customizing a variety of different features.

  • Login Video : Off
  • Lobby Style : Dynamic
  • Audio Style : New
  • Animation : New
  • Visuals Effects : Off
  • HD Texture : On (turn it off if you’re experiencing lags or stuttering during the game)
  • Vehicle Effects : On
Free Fire Max Settings

Apart from these settings, Free Fire MAX has also introduced a new Chat Bubble feature. Try to keep it On as it makes a bubble appear on your ally’s head, informing whatever he just said. This can be really useful under heavy combat situations. To change the setting, go under Notifications and search for Chat Bubble to change it to On.

Free Fire Max Settings

These are all the settings you need to get started with Free Fire MAX. Try them out to feel an instant improvement in your gameplay and device performance. What difference do you feel between Free Fire and the new Free Fire MAX? Tell us in the comments below!


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